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CLEAR Messages Are more important than ever

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The pandemic has illustrated how effective communication is so important for our communities. As your campus re-opens, your announcements and expectations need to be clear to those who visit or perhaps you need a live stream solution to keep those in the overflow rooms engaged. Each week will be a learning experience, so it's important to keep your congregation up-to-date with schedule changes and other announcements.

You can accomplish this with any screen and OptiSigns.

Try it on up to 2 screens for FREE for 30 days.

25% discount for non-profit organizations


Bring content to your screens with ease.


OptiSigns supports a wide range of image, audio and video formats

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Keep your congregation up-to-date with the latest information and guidance from you and your staff.


In times of social distancing, leverage digital signs to provide an overflow room with a live streams of your service events.

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Schedule and plan different content for multiple screens from a single, user-friendly dashboard.

Make your screens an active part of your strategy

Increase engagement and disseminate information easily


Ready to get going?

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