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Use OptiSigns Digital Signage to Improve Your Company's Communication and Information Dissemination

Want to keep your employees informed about important news and events in real time? Do you take pride in your company's sense of transparency? Do you want everyone in the company to be in the same mindset day in and day out?


For any company to run smoothly, communication and proper information dissemination is important. Lapses in communication can result in problems ranging from minor ones like dress code snafus, to major issues such as disclosure of private client information. This is why companies use several channels to keep their employees informed, from written memos on bulletin boards to company emails and team meetings.

Digital signage in businesses isn’t a new thing - most businesses have screens in their lobbies that show company ads to attract applicants and potential business partners. However, more and more businesses are now using digital signage in company cafeterias, employee recreation rooms and even locker rooms.

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What Digital Signage Can Do for Your Company

  • Keep Employees Informed of Important News and Events

    • Have an important guest coming in tomorrow? Decided to change the company's dress code during the last meeting? Program your screens to keep your employees updated on news and events that affect them directly.​​

  • Ensure Information Is Relayed Effectively

    • Employees can miss important emails due to flooded inboxes​, and drab company memos can get lost in a sea of documents on your bulletin board. Moving images, videos and vibrant colors are sure to capture your employees' attention and force them to stop and read whatever is relayed on the screen.

  • Improve Company Transparency

    • Employees feel like they're important members of the company when the higher ups make it a point to share important information regarding the company.​

  • Boost Morale

    • You can program your screens to show news articles regarding your company's achievements and awards. You can also set it to display positive news regarding your employees, such as employee awards and promotions. Make sure your employees know you value the work they do by giving their achievements the appropriate attention.​

Make information dissemination more accessible and aesthetically pleasing.


If you're ready to improve your company's internal framework, take advantage of our 30-day free trial today!

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