Here are the reasons why Businesses are Picking OptiSigns over Yodeck

User-Friendly Interface
Our software's motto is "set and forget". Simply drag and drop the content you want to add to your playlist, set their schedules if you want them to show up at specific times, and then let the software do its thing. We know that not all business owners are tech geniuses, so we made sure that using our software is as simple as possible, even if you have multiple screens!
Hundreds of Free Templates
Covid Safety Guidelines, Digital Menu, Holiday & Event, Food & Beverage, Heath & Medical, Office & Professional Services, Retail, Gyms & Fitness and more.
Tons of Apps Integration
From social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitters, Youtube, Google Reviews, Yelps, Weather Wall, to business app such as Google, Office Calendar, JIRA, Trello boards.
We got the integration working for you.
Smooth Playlist
Transition Effects
Give your playlist suave playback with selection of our transition effects: fade, slide, rotate, flip, etc. These transition effects will help to make your signs to get more attention and reduce strains on viewer's eyes.
Beautiful Social
Media Visualization
Be it your Instagram posts, or Facebook pages, OptiSigns offers stunning visualization of your social media feeds right out of the box. Just point to your social media account.
Friendly Pricing
Let's admit it - if you're a business owner, your primary concern is price. OptiSigns is less costly than other digital signage software in the market, while offering more features at the same time. This makes it a great option for startups and small businesses , who might not have the financial capacity to afford expensive digital signage software.
Easy Set Up on Raspberry Pi or Any Other Device
If you already have Raspberry Pi, installing OptiSigns is easy, just download our app and run on your Raspbian. No command lines, no wifi set-up fuss.
If you don't have Raspberry Pi, don't worry, we support Fire TV Sticks, Windows, Mac, Chrome, Linux and more.

We are Yodeck's Best Alternative

Run on any hardware: Android, Windows and Fire Stick

Manage any where from web portal or mobile app

100+ Integrations & 500+ Templates

OptiSigns vs Yodeck: At a Glance

Yearly 10% discount. Volume & Non Profit 25% off
$10 /mo
Up to $12.99 /mo
Mobile App for Android & iOS
AI Add-on: Audience insight
+ Cost
Dashboard Tableau, Jira, and more
Supported Platforms
Raspberry Pi, Roku, ChromeOS, MacOS, Windows, Android & Fire TV
Raspberry Pi only
App Store (widgets)
Transition Effects
Playlists & Schedule
Access photo, video, audio & documents

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