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enable signage on your iot smart devices


Lightweight, deeply embedded player that can help you to quickly enable digital signage on your devices

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Trusted by media companies across the world

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Ultra lightweight digital signage player

Linux optimized only consume 128MB memory, ARM compatible. Run digital signage application without compromising your applications


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Support Video & Image

Hardware accelerated rendering & video playback.

Digital signage performance without compromise.

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Battery Screen

Any Resolution

The app auto scale to OS supported resolution and can support any resolution that your devices output to.

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White-label Offering

Fully control your branding & customer interaction with our white-label options.

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State of the art GUI editor

Users can easily create, edit screens right inside the platform. Custom resolution supported.

Audience Measurement

AI powered add-on to gather data and understand your audience. Enable smart Digital Signage that can adapt content to your viewers' demographic.

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Advanced Security

Secure your deployment with advanced security, segment out users, groups. Create specific roles, folder security for your deployment.

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