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Offer the Best Dining and Drinking Experience Through Optisigns Digital Signage

Ask any person in the food and beverage industry, and they'll tell you that nowadays, serving good food and drinks isn't enough. Aside from serving a wide range of scrumptious cuisine, your establishment has to be "Instagramable" and must offer something unique, to distinguish yourself from the restaurant next door.


With restaurants and bars practically sprouting up like mushrooms, does your establishment have what it takes to grab your customers' attention and keep it? With digital signage, you can give your establishment personality and pizzazz.

Food and beverage establishments have long used screens to display menu items, but OptiSigns takes it to a whole new level:

  • Grab Customers' Attention Easily

    • Digital signage can spell the difference whether customers enter your restaurant or go somewhere else. If you’re like most restaurant and bar owners, your establishment is probably located beside several other restaurants. High definition and vibrant visuals of delicious food items can easily sway the hungry passerby to give your establishment a try.

  • You Can Get Away with Having a Flexible Menu

    • ​Establishments that have different menus during breakfast, lunch, dinner and happy hour often run into problems with information dissemination. You can schedule your screens to change featured menu items depending on what time it is to ensure that your customers know what you’re offering.

  • Turn Your Plain and Boring Bar into a Specialty Bar

    • ​Is your bar lacking in personality? Turn it into a specialty bar. You can turn your establishment into a sports bar just by programming your screens to show ongoing matches and games. No matches for that day? You can program it to show current team standings, player statistics and future match schedules. Make your bar the go-to spot for all sports aficionados!

  • Create the Perfect Ambiance for Your Establishment

    • ​Gone are the days when customers simply focus on what they’re eating or drinking. Patrons are now mindful of their environment, always looking for something to wow them. With programmable screens, you can create the perfect ambiance for your establishment that will make customers want to take photos and videos and boast of their unique experience on social media.

Make your establishment the talk of the town, and a mainstay on everyone's Facebook feed.

Can't wait to turn your restaurant or bar into the go-to place for the complete dining and drinking experience? Take advantage of our 30-day free trial today!

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