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Improve customer experience or increase employee engagement with easily-designed content for any digital screen.

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500+ Free templates
Make your signs in minutes
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Zoom, Teams, Live Stream app
Stream townhall, live events on your screens
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PowerBi or other Dashboards
Show your team KPIs on your screens
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Show your Google / Outlook Calendar
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Multi zones display
Multi zones display
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Install Instagram App
Integrate Instagram post on your screens
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Install Weather App

Display weather on your screens

Grow your business with digital signage

Create great experiences

Creating content couldn’t be easier, thanks to our integration with Canva and access to over 500+ templates.

Use any device or OS

We support a majority of devices, OS, and TVs. You choose your hardware, we'll display your content.

Integrate with your tools

Integrate with your favorite social networks and tools to upgrade your digital sign experience.

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Optisigns App icons
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How it works

With our web and mobile apps, creating your content is a breeze. Once you have your content ready, simply download our application onto your existing screen or device, or purchase a new one and start displaying your content in no time.

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Based on 2000+ reviews
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Optisigns is an excellent digital display sign company that makes running a restaurant much more convenient. The service is easy to use and allows us to quickly and easily update our signs with current specials and promotions.

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Trevonte Earl
Owner, Restaurant, 2-10 employees

We tried 3 different digital menu platforms, this one really stood out. It was so seamless to setup and use. The tv pairing, demo, app download, all very effortless and easy to set up. Updating the screens happens seconds after updating it on the site.

Optisigns reviewtwitter icon
Hick Abraham
Owner, Restaurant, 11-50 employees

The reliability and functionality of the software give us the peace of mind that our content will always be displayed without fail. Smooth product with effortless use.

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Jay Gonsalves
Director of Operations, BuildMyPlace, 51-200 employees

I am able to advertise directly to my customers, a captive audience who is usually sitting there for a few hours. I've been able to capture their interest and introduce them to upcoming events and other offerings.

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Maegan Supple
Owner, The Pottery Shop, 2-10 employees

Deployment, playlist building, layout building, and content scheduling are all incredibly easy. In testing I would think "can I do this in Optisigns to replicate what I've created elsewhere?" and the answer was always YES and it was dead simple.

Optisigns reviewtwitter icon
Andrew M.
IT Manager, Food & Beverage, 501-1000 employees

User friendly interface that allowed the team to learn the system quickly, almost intuitively. This is key as we are not programmers or IT professionals. An Operations team that wants to display data on our TV. Additionally, importing PPT slides was so simple!

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Wes Kawata
VP of Organizational Development, DDW Color House, 51-200 employees

The software is straightforward to use, and i love the app and templates for customization. I also added information like weather and news using their split screen app, which I will not able to easily without using OptiSigns...Now, we can gather before the big screen and discuss and even plan for the next project together.

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Nelson Wong
President, BioScience and Health Club

We love not only how EASY this platform is to get set up and use on a regular basis, but all the features that have gotten packed in here! The fact that you can deploy your screens on nearly ANY device, including something as small as a Firestick, and still be able to remotely manage it is just fantastic.

Optisigns reviewtwitter icon
Mark Gellner
CEO, Gellner Enterprises LLC, 201-500 employees

Getting Started

With the most options in the market for hardware and operating systems, you can use an existing screen or buy a new one. Choose from our recommended smart TVs or connect a different screen with our recommended Amazon Firestick. For extra support, we provide a preconfigured device that allows our team of experts to offer remote assistance

Don't have TVs yet?
Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV

4K content
Support all OptiSigns Apps
Offline Playback
8GB storage
50' - 55' - 65' - 70'
Already have TVs?
optisigns amazon fire tv remote

Amazon Fire Stick Lite

Full HD - 1080p Content
Support all OptiSigns Apps
Offline Playback
8GB storage
Need 4K playback? Try Fire Stick 4K
Need Easy Deployment & Support?
OptiSigns Android Player

OptiSigns Pre-configured Android Player

Pre-configured WiFi
Connected to your account
Shipped to your locations
Remote support by OptiSigns with managed device
You only need ONE of the above devices to get started with OptiSigns.
No devices? Try our
Web Player or Download OptiSigns Player for your desktop
See our full list of
supported devices.
CAP Alert
Streaming App
Live TV with Ads
Hosted website
Scrolling Strip
CAP Alert
Streaming App
Live TV with Ads
Hosted website
Scrolling Strip

Explore the potential of digital signs for your business

OptiSigns Weather overview graphicOptiSigns  weather overview graphicOptiSigns weather overview imageoptisigns weather app preview
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