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With OptiSigns you can create beautiful, up to date social media walls integrate with your Facebook, Instagram, Twitters, Google Reviews, Yelp, etc. and push to your big screens TV within minutes.

1. Beautiful visualization
Create beautiful social media walls from your existing posts automatically, and enjoy multiple different visualization templates from single views to scrolling walls.
2. Tons of Integration
Get content from any Hashtags, Profiles, Facebook Pages, Google Places, etc.
Optisions not only integrate Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, we also integrate with Youtube, Google Reviews, Yelp, RSS Feeds, Vimeo, and more. Your contents will always be up to dates.
Learn more about our apps here.
3. Present your walls on big screen TVs
Impress your customer, colleagues, visitors by putting your social wall on big screens TVs.
With OptiSigns, you can push social walls to one or as many TV screens as you'd like.
You can also mix social walls with images, videos, and schedule content out.
4. Call  To Action
Use QR Code to call your viewers to action. You can configure so that when user scan a QR code, they can be prompted to follow your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or write a reviews on your Google Reviews, or take them to survey website, and more. 
5. Friendly Pricing model
We charge $10 per month per display screen.
Doesn't matter how many social profiles, feeds you have.
We also offer volume and non-profit, education discount.

Create your social wall today!

Try OptiSigns for free.

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