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What is an RFP for digital signage?
An RFP, or request for proposal, is a document created to explain your product or service needs to vendors. Vendors respond to the RFP and you can then decide whether they’re aligned on what needs to be delivered, when, and for how much.

Preparing an RFP for your company's digital signage project or large-scale implementation can help ensure you access the right resources to get the job done when it requires outside vendors. Usually, your RFP will go out to 3-5 different vendors, allowing them to reply with a proposal outlining how they can make a success of your project and why their product or service might be aligned with your project objectives.
Get your free RPF digital signage template by filling this form, and just replace the highlighted parts with your organization's information and needs.


Jumpstart your your digital signage RFP process with this template

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