Why Are Businesses Picking OptiSigns over truDigital for their Digital Signage Needs?

Ask any business owner for a better alternative to truDigital and they will usually suggest OptiSigns - and here are a few reasons why:

Centralized Dashboard

Thinking of using several screens in your establishment? OptiSigns allows you to schedule and edit content for several screens from one central dashboard. You don’t need to go through each separate screen and customize content for it manually. With OptiSigns, you can intuitively manage several screens at the same time from one location.

Simple and Easy To Use

We know that not all business owners or employees are tech-savvy, so we wanted an app that just about anyone can get into and master in a few minutes without requiring special training. Other digital signage companies offer a plethora of advanced options to users, but then end up being a complicated and convoluted mess. OptiSigns keeps it simple and gets the job done.

Lightweight and Intuitive

The advantage of digital signage over static ones is the ability to constantly change the content whenever you please. We know how frustrating it feels then to have to wait through loading times when you are trying to make changes to your content schedule. Our app is lightweight to minimize loading times and screen freezes. Simple changes should only take a few minutes, not hours!

The Price is Small Business-Friendly

Let's admit it - if you're a business owner, your primary concern is the price. OptiSigns is half the price of other digital signage software in the market while offering more features at the same time. This makes it a great option for startups and small businesses, who might not have the financial capacity to afford expensive digital signage software.

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