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October 6, 2022

How to use Dynamic QR Code and track usage/performance of your Digital Signs

Digital signage offers business owners and their team's incredible flexibility when it comes to sharing up-to-date information. However, the great obstacle remains object hyperlinking, which means connecting physical objects to your internet sources. In comes the QR Code, connecting your audience to your social media channels, online stores, products, and services information.

Small and versatile, it offers scanners a huge amount of information within a customizable QR Code, allowing you design flexibility for both your digital signage content and the Code’s look. The best thing about using QR Codes on digital signage is the flexibility you have to edit and update information without wasting time or resources and equally important, the QR Code allows you to measure and improve your ROI on digital signage.

What is a dynamic QR code and why use it on digital signage?

These types of Codes allow you to update their content on the go and see how this impacts your campaign success. Let’s say, for example, you already have your content with a QR Code included and you pushed it to your screens but need to change the URL at the last moment. With Dynamic QR Codes, you still can make changes without reprocessing.

Dynamic QR Codes make it possible to change destination addresses and other Code functionality at any time without having to change the Codes themselves. This saves you time and money, and you can adjust your campaigns while they are running. It is possible to replace the target Web address or the document stored in the Code. In addition, you can change the function of a Dynamic Code: for example, from displaying a gallery to displaying a PDF file.

That being said, dynamic Codes are as easy to generate as static ones. If you want to know at all times how successful your digital signage campaign is and you want to respond flexibly to changes, Dynamic QR Codes are the correct tool. In order to generate Dynamic QR Codes, you need a special QR Code Solution that can be free or paid, depending on the features you need.

How to track the performance (analytics) of your Dynamic QR code on Digital Signs

With services like:

  • (Free plan)
  • QR Code Generator ($5/mo)
  • QR Code Monkey (Free plan)

You can generate dynamic URL and use them in OptiSigns as Dynamic QR Code.

These services will track who scanned/use the QR Code links, and other analytics data that can be useful for your campaign:

  • Geographic Location
  • Date/time
  • Type of devices (Android phone, vs iPhone)
  • Total scan vs. unique scans (1 user, phone can scan many times)

Some services allow for basic data QR codes while others lock the features behind a pro plan.

How to create link with Bitly

How to create link with QR Code Monkey

How to create link with QR Code Generator

Once created, copy the link and put in OptiSigns:

Use Designer app click add QR Code, and change the URL to the URL you created from or QR code apps above.

How to view Analytics, usage of your Dynamic Links/QR Codes.  

All services have similar reports to show you (by time, by Region, by Mobile device type).

Example Report from QR Code generator. What will it show:


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