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Mobile Admin App

Now you can really manage your screens from anywhere on your Android or iPhone

At OptiSigns we believe technologies should not only just work for you, it should also be enjoyable to use. That's why we work hard every day to make the user experience as easy as possible.
Though the web portal is flexible and can be used on mobile phone's browser, the experience is less than ideal. That's why we built a mobile app. 

OptiSigns mobile app

Download the mobile Admin App for Android and iOS here

Key features of the Mobile Admin App

Manage your Files/Assets

Upload photos and videos from your phone directly to your screen

Create & Update your Playlists

Manage the content of your playlists. Add, rearrange or remove assets

Pair & Manage your Screens

Sometimes, you just want to make a quick update, change your paired screens from your phone

Schedule Content

Schedule your content for different times of day, for certain weeks, or for special events

mobile-qr (1).jpeg

Use Camera to Scan and Pair Screen

Scan QR code with your smartphone camera and pair screen

Configure Wifi from Mobile app

Only with our OptiSigns Managed Android Stick Player

moible-wifi (1)_edited.jpg

Download the OptiSigns Admin mobile app here:


"Amazing app for a small growing business! The ease to schedule content, edit playlists and switch out media. We like to display birthdays/anniversaries."

Office Coordinator

"OptiSigns mobile app is a great complement for the desktop digital signage platform, with the most important features like screen management, assets and playlist, and more."

Marketing Manager

What customers are saying about our Mobile App

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