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Download Digital Signage Software for Any Device

OptiSigns makes playing content on any screen simple and straightforward. For a quick way to run OptiSigns for a temporary sign, preview, or to test, you can use our Web Player on any browser. We recommend downloading one of the installation apps for powerful, permanent playback on your players. 

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Support Windows 7, 8, 10, 11. 32-bit & 64-bit.

Read guide here.


Compatible with Android TV and all Android devices. You can install OptiSigns app from Google Play Store.
If you need the APK click here.


One of the most iconic device, capable of digital signage playback and occasional takeover display with AirPlay


Roku TV is built in to many modern smart TV, and using it could be a cost efficient way to get your simple signs going.


Support Samsung Commercial grade displays.Read set up guide to get started now.


If you have Amazon devices, we recommend to install the app from there. Read guide to install OptiSigns on Amazon Fire TV.
If you need the APK click here


Support for using iPad devices as signage, kiosk
Click here if you looking for the Mobile Admin app to control your signs


Great for embedded system and Single Board Computers.

Support 32-bit ARM and 64-bit ARM


Support leading commercial grade digital signage players. Read set up guide or just download the autorun file.


Works on all Mac models

Including new Apple M1 chips


For best performance, please use Raspberry Pi 3 and above. Read guide here.


ChromeOS is a cost effective, stable way to run Digital Signage player with good remote device management, enterprise support.


Built for commercial grade displays.

Read set up guide  or you can just download the IPK.


Samsung Smart TV

Just go to the app store on your Samsung TV and search for OptiSigns.
Your TV may have autostart limitation.

By downloading the apps, you agree with our Terms of Use.

Ready to get started?

Digital signage helps improve communication between your business and your customers. Having the right software helps. Our digital signage software allows you to connect seamlessly to any media player. Easily upload your content and change it out as needed. Having up-to-date and relevant content will resonate with your customers, bringing them back again and again.

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