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Kiosk Designer Pro

Design with ease using our intuitive drag-and-drop interface

Customize your kiosk experience with different layout options

Integrate images, videos, apps, and websites into your kiosk

Content Library Kiosk

Quickly turn your content library into an interactive kiosk

Automatically organizes content into a touch screen experience

With our guided step-by-step wizard, you'll be done in minutes!

Features To Build Stunning Kiosks with Ease

Kiosk Designer Pro

Drag and Drop Designer

Build stunning interactive touch screen kiosks with our intuitive drag-and-drop design tool. Effortlessly link design elements to any content - images, videos, websites - and fully customize the navigation menus.

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Content Library Kiosk

Build a Kiosk In Minutes

Create an interactive kiosk in minutes from any folder directory of content! Easily organize and display your content library in a beautiful interactive touch screen experience.

maximum compatibility

Any Screen, Any Size

Run your kiosk on any device on any of our supported platforms including Android, Windows, and ChromeOS. Enjoy complete freedom to choose the best hardware for your needs with our flexible solution.

Capture Attention, Drive Results with OptiSigns Engage

Call to Action

Add fully custom call-to-action buttons on your kiosks, like a giant blinking "Tap Here!" icon

Offline Capable

Continuous operation and interaction even in offline environments

Navigation Bars

Easily customize navigation bars settings like position, color, and size to match your brand

Website to Kiosk

Create a kiosk from any website. Show any engaging content, then a simple screen touch loads your site for exploration

Check-In & SMS

Streamline customer check-ins with our check-in app. Plus follow up with SMS for feedback and reviews

QR Overlay

Create custom QR codes featuring your brand's colors and logo and overlay on top of any content or apps

Lockdown Mode

Prevent users from changing device settings or leaving the kiosk app with lockdown mode

Design Templates

Browse thousands of free templates and personalize them with our Designer App

Lift and learn

Create Lift & Learn experiences and other data-driven experiences with support for all RS-232 IoT sensors

AI Audience Data

Track viewer engagement of your screens, analyze their dwell time and reactions

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