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By enrolling in our Managed Devices Program (the “MDP”), you specifically agree to be bound by these Terms of Use as they are applicable to the MDP. The MDP provides our customers with simplified hardware devices (“Devices”) that are configured, maintained, and managed by OptiSigns. It is your initial and ongoing responsibility to ensure internet connectivity for the Devices you receive and use.


Managed Devices Program – Pricing

  • $99.99 per device (one-time)

  • $15.00 per month, per device (ongoing)


Managed Devices Program – Guarantee

We provide a limited hardware guarantee for Devices. In the event of a faulty Device incapable of remote repair according to the Managed Devices Program – Support section below, you can request a replacement from our customer support team, which will be shipped to you within 5 business days of your request.

Managed Devices Program – Support

In the event of a possible Device malfunction, you are responsible for opening a support ticket with our support team to allow remote troubleshooting of your Device. If the error is determined to be a hardware malfunction, our support representative may request that you perform basic troubleshooting activities (e.g. plugging the Device into a different display, attempting a different power adapter) before you are able to request a replacement Device. 

By enrolling in the MDP and using one or more Devices, you acknowledge and understand that OptiSigns has the technical capability to remotely access the Devices for the purpose of customer support, troubleshooting, providing software updates, and other functions related to the ongoing upkeep of the Devices. Further, you expressly consent to such remote access, as governed by these Terms. This remote access capability cannot be disabled on the Devices. We do not collect any additional data from such remote access, except as necessary to provide requested customer support and maintain the functionality of the Devices. 

Managed Devices Program – Returns

You are responsible for returning any faulty Device that is incapable of remote repair as detailed in these Terms of Use to OptiSigns for diagnostics within thirty (30) days of your request for a replacement. In the event faulty device not received or the faulty Device is determined to be in working condition, OptiSigns will provide you with notice of the device testing result and you will be assessed a testing and restocking fee of $100.00.


Managed Devices Program – Termination

If you terminate your subscription to the MDP, it is your responsibility to return all Devices in your possession within 30 days. If devices are returned within that period and is less than 12 months old, you will be issued a 50% refund of the initial $99.99 fee per Device. 

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