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Gain insight to your audience

& display real-time relevant content

with OptiSigns AI Add-on

1. Real-time analytics to your audience data
Simply adding a camera to your players & collect audience, demographic data of people walking by your signs. You can analyze your data in real-time and slice & dice historical data with online tool or export CSV data to your analysis tool of choice.
2. Adjust Relevant Content in Real-Time

You can set rule to change content on the screens to be relevant to viewer's demographic. You can even set rules by time of day. 

3. How Many People Have Seen An Ads?
OptiSigns automatically integrate your Playback Data (Proof of Play) with AI Audience Demographic data to tell how many times an ad has been seen by real people
4. Respect Privacy of Your Audience
OptiSigns use facial detection (not recognition) technology, and only collect anonymous data.
This data in anonymous and not personal identifiable.
All image are processed locally on devices, on the fly.
OptiSigns does not store images or facial id on our servers.
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