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Wireless presentation and digital signage for your conference rooms


Enable easy-to-use and secure Wireless Presentation with AeriCast Add-on

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Traditional Presentation Solution Limitations: 


Wires everywhere

Having HDMI or VGA cables on the conference room is messy and doesn't look sleek


Too many adapters


Nothing worse than loosing precious time while trying to present because you can find the right adapter

Too expensive


Traditional screen sharing products are costly and can be difficult to deploy

Start your presentations without cables, dongles, and hassle with AeriCast Add-on

How it works

Presenter Mobile App

Get AeriCast Mobile App to cast your screen from your Android or iPhone devices

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How AeriCast Wireless Presentation add-on help?

Simple & Collaborative

» Wireless presentation is easy with AeriCast

Forget about cables and adapters forever. Start sharing your screen wirelessly by going to and inputting the 4-digit code.

» More engaging and collaborative

AeriCast lets you present on multiple screens simultaneously without passing cables or adjusting the settings. Fully compatible with OptiSigns apps.

» Supports all devices

Everyone can present from their preferred device as AeriCast supports Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS devices. Check our compatible devices.


Revolutionize your office spaces:

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Simple and productive meeting rooms

Enable wireless presentation for all types of devices in an easy and consistent way. AeriCast is a Conference Room Solution that helps keep the team focused on the meeting.

Collaboration happens anywhere

Break down the barriers and turn the break rooms into spaces where teams can collaborate, relax, and bond.


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Embrace the modern huddle spaces

Create comfortable and casual spaces in your office environment and boost the teams' creativity.


"We are using this software in our conference centre for displaying the rooms in which groups are meeting."

Nicole S. - Food & Beverage Manager

Simple Wireless Presentation for all devices with AeriCast add-on for OptiSigns

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