Our Results in Numbers

Enhanced Engagement

Digital signage can captivate and maintain student interest, increasing their engagement with educational material. For instance, dynamic visual content or interactive quizzes can make learning more exciting and interactive.

Improved Communication

With real-time updates and alerts, digital signage ensures you always stay informed about schedule changes, emergencies, or school events. This real-time information sharing is crucial, especially in large campuses or during crisis situations.

Streamlined Operations

From wayfinding in large campuses to displaying daily schedules, digital signage makes school operations more efficient. For example, digital directories can help new students navigate your campus with ease.

Engage and inform audiences anytime, anywhere with ease

Dynamic Learning Spaces

OptiSigns can transform traditional classrooms into interactive learning environments. Our digital signage solutions can display multimedia content, supporting varied teaching styles and accommodating different learning preferences.

Safety Alerts System

With our digital signage, you can instantly communicate important safety information across your campus. For example, in an emergency, you can quickly alert students and staff, providing them with instructions and updates.

Campus Wayfinding

We provide digital directories and interactive maps to simplify navigation around your institution. This is especially useful during orientation weeks, helping new students and visitors find their way around the campus effortlessly.

Why people love optiSigns?

Based on

This is a quality program that makes things much easier for our school. Communication is so important and this program has been a great help. Communication with teenagers is always an opportunity for schools. OptiSigns allows us to make the communication more detailed and specific for areas of the schools. Further, the ability to schedule when a screen changes the playlist is amazing.

Shawn Anderson
Vice Principal
West Vancouver Schools

Our Results in Numbers

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We support formats like jpg, png, gif, bmp, mp4, pdf, ppt(x), and integrate with many file systems.

Apps & Integrations

Apps like weather & traffic maps, clocks, and social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Google!


Combine images, videos, and apps for your perfect playlist that will play on rotate.

Schedule Your Content

Schedule your content for different times of day, for certain weeks, or for special events.


Landscape and portrait mode support so you can display your content in whatever direction you need.

Screen Zones

Splitting your screen into multiple zones gives you endless ways for displaying your content.

Work Offline

Download content to your devices, so your screens can still run even with bad internet connection.

Auto Restart

Set it and forget it! Schedule a daily auto restart to keep your screens stable.

Online Editor

No need to switch between apps. Build your content directly in OptiSigns Management Portal.

Multi-User Permission

Invite your team to manage and update your screens with different roles and approval workflows.

Analytics & Reporting

View, Analyze, export and share real-time insights on your content playback.

Kiosk Mode

Make your content engaging by incorporating full touchscreens or interactive elements on your signs.

Sensors & AI

Connect sensors and adapt content to your viewers' demographics using AI or IoT sensor data in real-time.


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