Engaging Digital Signage

Reliability & Support

Experience unrivaled reliability with OptiSigns, promising a 99.99% uptime and 24/7 professional support for all customers. Rest easy knowing your signs are live and your customers are being taken care of.


OptiSigns works with and integrates with popular apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Google to elevate your digital signage game. Plus, our Weather Wall and business app integrations make it a one-stop-shop for all your needs!

Ease of use

OptiSigns is all about user experience, which is why we've created a mobile app and easy desktop application for seamless content management anytime and anywhere, without the need to travel to multiple locations.

We've got you covered with leading features

Creative editOR

Easy content creation

Get ready to engage your audience - OptiSigns' Designer is the secret weapon you need, offering a state-of-the-art GUI, drag-and-drop functionality, and a fast and intuitive WYSIWYG interface.


Templates and playlists

Simply choose from our thousands of free templates and make them your own with the help of our Designer App. Then combine your files including images, videos, and apps for your perfect playlist. You can schedule when and where you want to display your content from your phone or desktop at any time.


Elevate your screen experience

Integrating with your most frequently used applications, including social media, weather, meeting rooms, file hosting providers and more, is a breeze. We offer compatibility with over 140+ applications that you can effortlessly display on your screen. Moreover, our split-screen app allows you to view multiple applications on a single screen simultaneously.


Collaborate and control

Teamwork makes the dream work - invite your team to manage and update your screens together. With permissions, roles and workflow options - OptiSigns makes it easy to collaborate but control the messages you are displaying your audiences.

Manage screens remotely anytime, anywhere

OptiSigns Mobile Admin App

OptiSigns believes in seamless technology that makes your life easier, which is why we’ve created a mobile app to enhance use experience. Get our mobile Admin App for Android and iOS today.

Unlock the best of optiSigns

Use Your Files

We support formats like jpg, png, gif, bmp, mp4, pdf, ppt(x), and integrate with many file systems.

Apps & Integrations

Apps like weather & traffic maps, clocks, and social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Google!


Combine images, videos, and apps for your perfect playlist that will play on rotate.

Schedule Your Content

Schedule your content for different times of day, for certain weeks, or for special events.


Landscape and portrait mode support so you can display your content in whatever direction you need.

Screen Zones

Splitting your screen into multiple zones gives you endless ways for displaying your content.

Work Offline

Download content to your devices, so your screens can still run even with bad internet connection.

Auto Restart

Set it and forget it! Schedule a daily auto restart to keep your screens stable.

Online Editor

No need to switch between apps. Build your content directly in OptiSigns Management Portal.

Multi-User Permission

Invite your team to manage and update your screens with different roles and approval workflows.

Analytics & Reporting

View, Analyze, export and share real-time insights on your content playback.

Kiosk Mode

Make your content engaging by incorporating full touchscreens or interactive elements on your signs.

Sensors & AI

Connect sensors and adapt content to your viewers' demographics using AI or IoT sensor data in real-time.


Start easily with our 1000+ free templates and personalize them with the help of our Designer App.

Hardware Agnostic

The most options in the market for hardware and OS, use an existing screen or buy a new one.

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