More than Displays, Engage your Customers

Create Interactive Kiosks, Lift & Learn, AI camera powered experience
Check-in, SMS follow up with your customers

What is OptiSigns' engage

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Engage your customers with interactive Kiosks

touch screen experience of your dreams, built in minutes

Enhanced Experiences

Increased Sales

Brand Management

Beyond the screens
More ways to interact with your customers

sensor experience

Lift & Learn + more

Design your sensor experience with lift & learn sensor. When product lifted, screen content can be changed to give more information on the product.

The platform also integrate with all major IoT, RS-232 sensors, you can set rules to process, filter, change content and send other actions back to sensors in realtime

enhance experience with ai

QR Scan-to-Interact

Turn any static screens into interactive experience - no additional sensor, camera investment needed.

Viewer can scan QR code, get a list of actionable menu like play a video, display more info and the screen will play that content.

Audience intelligence

Know your viewers

Sensors, Beacon, AI Camera data can be integrated, analyze standard report in platform or export to S3 and to your analytics platform of choice.

Personal information are not recorded, help you stay compliance & protect your customer privacy.

get more google reviews

check-in & SMS follow up

Enhance your check-in experience, get CSAT feedback. And drive more Google Reviews to your business.

Unlock the potential of optiSign's engage

IoT Sensors

Standard support for all RS-232 IoT sensors. Process, filter, action on event, send back data for analytics

Live TV Ads Overlay

Ability to Overlay Live TV like sport event to promote your business

Event Based Analytics

Analytics based on Sensor, Beacon, AI Camera and other event triggering


Conversion tracking solution. Understand what ads campaign drive customers to your locations

Audience Intelligence

Understand who are viewing your screens, when they are doing it, how they are reacting to it

Interactive Kiosk

Easiest drag & drop way to build your Kiosk experience

Interactive Content Lib

Turn your existing content library into browsable kiosk for users

Shopify/Square checkout

Already have Shopify/Square set up? Why not let your customer use your Kiosk to check out

SMS follow up

Send promotion, get CSAT feedback, get Google Reviews, drive return business and more ...


Start easily with our 1000+ free templates and personalize them with the help of our Designer App

Data Residency

Stay compliance by specify which region you want your data to be stored: EU, US, ...

And a lot more ...Want to try it out yourself?

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Platform as a services

Still need more ways to Engage your customers?

Different kind of sensors, external event triggering content changes?
Needs customized integration with your enterprise systems?
Sending data to your analytics systems?

Platform as a Service

Learn more about our Platform as a Services where all interfaces, API are available for you to build any apps.
Possibility is only limited by your imagination.

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