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40 Free Menu Templates for Restaurants

Quick Start

This page will introduce you to the free menu templates for Restaurants, design style and how to edit, get it on your TV screens in no time.

Scroll through the gallery below to browse through the templates and find the one that you like.

Each template has a description of its style and intention.

Click on the template will take you to a Google Slides.

You then can make a copy and edit your menu items, put in your images, etc.

Finally, it is optional, but you can put your finished menu on your TVs with OptiSigns.

If you haven't use OptiSigns before, you can watch a 1 min video here or follow our step by step guide to get set up.

You can follow this guide to put your newly created Google Slides menu on OptiSigns.

Using Google Slides for your menu has many advantages over the traditional static image, an important one is that you can update your menu items price, description, availability within minutes, just update the Google Slide, instead of changing images, export and upload to your screens again.

Hope you'll enjoy the free templates, if you like the templates, please share through social media to support our designers.

if you have feedback please share with us at

Scroll below the template gallery to see more tip & tricks on how to update the template.


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Tip & Tricks on how to use the templates 

To make a copy of Google Slides: Click File -> Make a Copy

Google Slides - Make Copy.png

Where you can get free high-quality stock images and graphics for your menu:

How to fix text drop lines

Try to click Present first and see the menu in full screen. Sometimes texts show as dropped lines in edit mode but looks fine in fullscreen mode.

Text Drop lines 1.png

Click on the text and drag the frame to adjust width and fix the dropped lines

Text Drop lines 2.png

Change/Edit "framed" pictures 

To change the pictures shown below.

Edit Background Image 1.png

Click on the covering "frame" and move it aside like below.

Edit Background Image 2.png

Now you can select the picture to change or edit it.

Edit Background Image 3.png

Move the covering "frame" back. If you insert a new picture, it will cover the frame, just right click on it and click "Send backward" till it's in the right place.

Edit Background Image 4.png

Finally, it will look like this:

Edit Background Image 5.png

If you have further questions, feedback please write to us at

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