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BrightSign media player compatible Digital Signage software

Partner With One of the Best Digital Signage Companies compatible with BrightSign Media Players.

Learn how to set up your BrightSign devices with or stand alone mode to use it for your digital signage needs 

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1. User-Friendly Interface

Our software's motto is "set and forget". Simply drag and drop the content you want to add to your playlist, set their schedules if you want them to show up at specific times, and then let the software do its thing. We know that not all business owners are tech geniuses, so we made sure that using our software is as simple as possible, even if you have multiple screens!

2. Hundreds of Free Templates

In addition to our simple interface, we offer hundreds of free templates for you to use. Choose from Covid Safety Guidelines, Digital Menu, Holiday & Event, Food & Beverage, Health & Medical, Office & Professional Services, Retail, Gyms & Fitness, and more. Browse Template here.

3. Tons of Apps Integration

What's more, you're able to integrate your system with countless platforms. From social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Google Reviews, Yelps, Weather Wall, to business apps such as Google, Office Calendar, JIRA, Trello boards, we get the integration working for you. Learn more about our apps here.

4. Beautiful Social Media Visualization

Be it your Instagram posts, or Facebook pages, OptiSigns offers stunning visualization of your social media feeds right out of the box. Just point to your social media account and watch the magic unfold.

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5. Set Up on BrightSign or Any Other Devices

OptiSigns App is available not only for BrightSign Media Players, but for Android, Raspberry Pi, Roku, Fire TV and many others.

Find the list of compatible devices here.

6. Reliability is utmost important for Businesses

BrightSigns + OptiSigns both have unmatched reliability, we promise a 99.99% uptime.
You can rest assure that your signs are live and your customers are being taken care of.


What Our Clients Are Saying:
1,800+ Reviews and counting


BrightSign Media Players make excellent Digital Signage device due to a few key reasons:
1. Reliability
2. Scalable
3. Remote management


OptiSigns features at a glance

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Launch your Digital Signage Solution

It's time to experience the difference that working with our team can make. Get started with OptiSigns + BrightSign Media Players today. 

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