Musthavemenus + OptiSigns

Impress and engage your restaurant customers

Now you can create eye-popping digital menus and signage by combining the design power of MustHaveMenus with the display tools of Optisigns. Together, we’ve made it easier than ever to design and display your digital menus. 

We have got you covered

Optisigns canvas editor

Why use OptiSigns?

  • OptiSigns, a trailblazer in digital signage solutions, provides a seamless and efficient experience for users. With a lightning-fast and straightforward setup process, OptiSigns allows you to create versatile content ranging from captivating videos to engaging animations.

    Additionally, the dynamic content scheduling feature ensures timely updates, while the ability to push updates directly to your displays simplifies management. Best of all, OptiSigns offers an incredibly cost-effective solution, with plans starting at just $10 per month!

How it works

  • - Create a captivating digital menu board using MustHaveMenus' design tools.
    - Seamlessly publish your design on OptiSigns and effortlessly set it live on your display.
    - Enjoy the convenience of pushing updates to your menu anytime, as needed.

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Audience Insignts AI Add-On

Features to jumpstart your journey

  • With a vast selection of thousands of templates at your disposal, jumpstarting your journey with Musthavemenus and OptiSigns has never been easier. Seamlessly integrate your chosen templates into the platform and get started in mere minutes. Plus, enjoy the added benefit of a budget-friendly starting point.