Why Are Businesses Picking
OptiSigns over ScreenCloud for
Their Digital Signage Needs?

Chat with any business owner looking for a better option than ScreenCloud, and you'll hear them rave about OptiSigns. So, what's the buzz all about? Let's find out! 😎👍

Customer Reviews Say It All

No matter where you glance - be it Capterra or G2 review platforms - OptiSigns comes in as the top-rated digital signage software. 🏆

Optisigns vs screencloud review from capterra and g2
Review of optisigns vs screencloud

Introducing the fresh mobile app that lets you manage your screens from anywhere, be it on your Android or iPhone!

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OptiSigns vs ScreenCloud: At a Glance

Accept photo, audio, video & documents
Playlist & schedule
app store
multiple screens
split screen
canvas editor
With Thousands of templates
power bi, tableau, jira
Additional cost
pre-configured player
interactive kiosk mode
sso advanced user security
Additional cost
Additional cost
phone, email
phone, email
$ 10
per screen per month
$ 24
per screen per month

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1. Canvas Editor with Thousands of Free Templates

Choose from our ever-expanding template library and customize it to your heart's content with our canvas editor. Whether it's Covid Safety Guidelines, Digital Menus, Holidays & Events, Health & Medical, Office, Retail, or Gyms & Fitness - we've got you covered! Take a peek at all our templates right here.

Optisigns Template canvas landing pages

2. Intuitive Scheduling and Content Management

To put you in the driver's seat of your screens' content, we've crafted a scheduling feature that feels as familiar as your calendar. While other digital signage companies offer scheduling options, ours takes intuitiveness to the next level. Unlike ScreenCloud, which only allows content replay for the next week, OptiSigns grants you full command over your screens' display for this week, next week, or even months ahead. Now that's what we call control!

3. Real-time Analytics & AI Capability

Empower yourself with fresh avenues to comprehend and captivate your customers. Showcase dynamic, real-time content that resonates with your audience, right when it matters.

Optisigns Real time playback report
Optisigns Audience insight ai add on

4. Price That is Music to Your Ears

Let's face it, as a business owner, price is king. OptiSigns offers twice the value at half the price of other digital signage software out there, boasting more features to boot. It's a perfect fit for startups and small businesses that may not have the deepest pockets for pricier digital signage options.

5. Beautiful Social Media Visualization

Whether it's your Instagram snapshots or Facebook updates, OptiSigns delivers dazzling visualizations of your social media feeds, no fuss required. Just give us a nudge in the direction of your social media account!

Optisigns social media visualization template

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