Why Are Businesses Picking OptiSigns over ScreenCloud for Their Digital Signage Needs?

Ask any business owner for a better alternative to ScreenCloud and they will usually suggest OptiSigns - and here are a few reasons why:

1. Intuitive Scheduling and Content Management
We wanted to make sure that you’re in complete control over your screens’ content, we made a scheduling feature that works similar to your calendar. Although other digital signage companies have their own scheduling feature, ours is more intuitive. With ScreenCloud, you can only schedule the same content to replay for the next week, but with OptiSigns, you have complete control over what you want to show on your screens this week, next week or even the next few months.
2. User-Friendly Interface
Our software's motto is "set and forget". Simply drag and drop the content you want to add to your playlist, set their schedules if you want them to show up at specific times, and then let the software do its thing. We know that not all business owners are tech geniuses, so we made sure that using our software is as linear and simple as possible, even if you have multiple screens!
3. The Price is Small Business-Friendly
Let's admit it - if you're a business owner, your primary concern is price. OptiSigns is half the the price of other digital signage software in the market, while offering more features at the same time. This makes it a great option for startups and small businesses , who might not have the financial capacity to afford expensive digital signage software.
4. Beautiful Social Media Visualization
Be it your Instagram posts, or Facebook pages, OptiSigns offers stunning visualization of your social media feeds right out of the box. Just point to your social media account.

OptiSigns vs ScreenCloud: At a Glance

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