May 18, 2018

5 Perks of Digital Content

It’s important to not think of digital signage as an extension of traditional signage. While digital signage can replace traditional signage at its most basic, the most successful adopters of digital signage will understand that it is its own creature.

Digital signage brings a whole new world of opportunities to incorporate videos and real-time updates to your marketing while inviting the social media conversation to happen inside your business.

  1. Agility

Digital signs are easy to change whether it’s to stay up to date with trends, run spur-of-the-moment promotions, keep customers in the loop about wait times, and more. Printing something on paper might as well be the same as carving something in stone. Unless you’re prepared and willing to spend more money to print something new, it’s there and it’s not changing. That’s not the case with digital signs.

    2.  Customization

Digital signs offer increased customization options. With paper signs and menus, the option is static text and photos. Digital signs open up the huge vistas of video, sound, social media, animations, and more. Some times a message is most effectively delivered in another way than through text or pictures and digital signs offer the choice.

   3.  Cost

While the installation of digital signs might be a larger initial investment than printing a new stack of menus, it’s the type of investment that pays for itself over the long run. Once the digital screens are in place, they can be updated multiple times a day without an increase in price.

  4. Eco-Friendly

Every business should be considering its environmental impact. While digital signs do use electricity, they can have a significantly smaller impact on the environment than printing new signs, menus, promotions, and other information over and over again.

  5. Community

Paper menus and signage are static. By nature, it’s unchanging. Social media is constantly changing and evolving. There’s no reason that social media conversations can’t be continued inside a business or restaurant – except for the lack of digital signage. Digital signage is the only choice that has the agility to keep up with the constant updates and news in social media, but savvy business owners can leverage social media in face-to-face interactions to increase consumer engagement.