December 10, 2019

5 Ways That Digital Signage Increases Customer Engagement

Needs new ideas on how to leverage Digital Signage Solutions to increase your Customer Engagement?

One of the ways that brands have always been able to show off their presence in-store is with proper signage. However, as most people stare at their phones while they meander through the aisles or sit at the table of your shop or restaurant, they don't see signage.

If you're struggling with digital signage solutions, there are ways they can increase customer engagement without being out of place.

Here are five ways to increase engagement with digital signage.

1. Show Off In-store Promotions

While your customers are walking around your store, it's going to be hard for them to ignore a bright colorful screen. Placing flat screens throughout your store is easy and can have a huge impact. Rather than having to print up flyers or trying to get the word out via the media, you can use the media in your own store to promote yourself.

When you have an exciting promotion, you want to get your customers excited about it. With high-quality digital displays, you can show off photos of your best and most exciting products. Give customers a reason to stop and watch with a video or motion graphics.

Change your in-store promotions weekly or even daily to keep your customers coming back again and again. Repeat customers are hard to win but oh so valuable when you are able to get them.

When you have an engaging display, friendly staff, and in-store promotions that are your customers can get on board for, you'll build a strong reputation.

2. Show Your Famous Clientele

If you have famous clientele who come into your shop and use your products and services, tell the world about them. Offer them free products in exchange for photos and videos of them in your shop. You can show these on social media and on your digital signage.

Even if your famous clientele is just local celebrities, you still get credibility for having savvy people using your products.

If you're in the restaurant industry, show restauranteurs with your products and you'll be able to do some dual combined promotion. Pairing up with local brands and well known local businesses helps to build the local business ecosystem and helps to get people excited about their neighborhood.

Professional photos can also be used for other purposes later on. If you're putting together a catalog or trying to populate your website with content, they'll serve to show off products for scale or for example.

3. Tell Your Story

One of the great things about digital signage is that it can be placed anywhere. You can put it in your window, next to your checkout line, or anywhere in your store where people are stationary for a while.

If you run a bar or restaurant, you can tell your clientele the story of your business. You can talk about what the site was 100 years ago or how you've handcrafted your products and services.

If you're in the clothing, coffee, or jewelry business, you can show off how your products are sourced and what goes into making them. Rather than having to rely on word of mouth to build hype about why you're so great, why not just tell your clients.

Be straightforward and earnest. You'll find that your customers will respond positively once they know what went into making your brand as unique as it is. Introduce founders, owners, or even staff members.

Let your staff members shine and you'll find that they're much more excited about communicating information about your brand to your customers.

4. Build Hype About Upcoming Products

If you're in a field that has lots of seasonal products, people will always have one eye on the future when in your store. While they're shopping for cold weather items today, they'll want to know what's in store for them when summer comes.

If you release your products on a schedule that coincides with a schedule, your customers and clients will want to know what to look forward to. Record stores, toy stores, and video game shops are all linked to scheduled release days when new items come out. If you run a store like this, you can tell your customers when a new product will hit the shelves.

Hype is important in a lot of industries. Even in the world of wine, people get excited about peak season. Your wine shop could be talking about what you're going to be getting in a few weeks.

No matter what industry you're in, there's going to be a passion for the products and services

you provide. Get people excited about them.

5. Describe Products and Services

The inverse to the people who know all about your products and services are the people who are new to your industry. Lots of people appreciate wine, food, and manufactured products without knowing a lot about them.

Your digital signage could be answering many of your most frequently asked questions. Instead of having to take up time with your staff explaining the process of how it works to order this or that item, lay it out. Your signage can contain explainer videos or just simple diagrams to help.

There are lots of great industries that are seeing growth and one of the things that happen with growth is that new people show up. New people won't know how ordering works at your shop or restaurant. Make the whole experience user-friendly with signage.

Digital Signage Solutions Bring New Ways to Do Business

When you're seeking out digital signage solutions, you need to make sure you're giving your customers what they want and need. The retail experience is changing and becoming integrated with screen technology. Give your clients more of what they love from you and you'll see them come back to you again and again.

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