August 11, 2023

The End of Messy Menu Adjustments and the Beginning of Seamless Management

Out with the Old, In with the Digital

Remember the days when you'd have to scribble out a menu item or awkwardly tape a new price over the old? Not only did it make your menu look tacky, but it also screamed, "We're unprepared!" How about navigating the challenges of climbing on counters and messing with tangled wires just to switch your content or revive a darkened screen can be a real hassle, can't it? Safety and simplicity should always be paramount. Thankfully, those days can be a thing of the past with the help of cloud based digital signage.

Overstocked on a particular ingredient? Want to run a quick sale to move inventory? With digital signage, you can update your menu on-the-go. Whether you're at home, on vacation, or just in the back office, you have full control.

Personal Touch: Think of it as having a remote control for your menu. You can change channels (or in this case, menu items) whenever you see fit!

No More Crossing Out: Say Goodbye to ‘Out of Stock’ Surprises

Imagine it's a busy Friday evening. The restaurant is buzzing, and then, a customer asks for their favorite dish and it is out of stock, even though it's still listed on the menu. Frustrating, right?

With digital signage, this embarrassment becomes history. When an item is out of stock, you can swiftly update the menu from your phone or computer. It's seamless, instant, and way more professional than the old-school method of crossing items out.

Real-life Scenario: James owns a bustling seafood restaurant. One evening, he realized he was running out of salmon. Instead of putting up a sign or informing each customer individually, he quickly updated the digital menu to reflect the change. Customers made their choices based on what was available, and there were zero disappointments.

A local business utilizing challenging software and still manually indicating items as "out of stock."

Inventory Surplus? Drive Sales with Instant Specials

Consider this: James, the restaurant owner, found himself with an overstock of salmon nearing its expiration date. Rather than taking a hit and wasting good food, he opted for a smart solution.

With a few taps on his phone, James introduced a tempting salmon special, complete with a vibrant picture of the dish, right on the digital menu. As patrons walked in, the delicious-looking salmon special immediately caught their eye, leading to increased orders.

Result: Not only did James significantly reduce potential food waste, but he also managed to drive sales and boost revenue, all thanks to the flexibility provided by digital signage. This is the power of real-time adaptability – making the most of every situation, effortlessly!

Dynamic Pricing: Tape and Scissors are Things of the Past

If you've ever had to change the price of a dish, you know the drill: print a new menu, tape it up, and hope it doesn’t fall or get all wrinkled. Digital signage changes that. If the price of an ingredient goes up or there's a special promotion, update the price on your menu in real-time. No fuss!

Timed Specials: Maximize Profits with Smart Scheduling

Special lunch offers? Weekend deals? Happy hours? Schedule these changes in advance based on the time of day or day of the week. Your menu will automatically reflect the current offers, ensuring that promotions get the visibility they deserve.

Example: Lisa’s café has a breakfast special from 8-10 AM and a lunch deal from 12-2 PM. With digital signage, her menu shifts automatically, showcasing the right deals at the right times, ensuring she maximizes her profits without any manual hassle.

Engage Where Attention Lies: Integrating Promos with Live TV

Lisa, a savvy café owner, understands where her customers' eyes are often drawn: the TVs set up around her venue. Whether they're catching up on the morning headlines or reliving last night's exhilarating sports highlights, Lisa recognized an opportunity.

Taking advantage of her digital signage capabilities, Lisa seamlessly overlays her café's promotions onto the live TV feed. This way, as customers enjoy their daily dose of news or sports, they're simultaneously introduced to her daily specials.

The Outcome: The promotions, placed strategically where patrons are already engaged, results in heightened interest in her specials. It's a subtle yet effective nudge, ensuring her offerings don't go unnoticed amidst the buzz of live TV. This perfect blend of entertainment and marketing proves to be a game-changer for Lisa’s café!

Centralized Management: Update Once, Reflect At All Locations

Now, let's say you own multiple locations. Updating each menu individually sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it? Digital signage, when connected to sources like Google spreadsheets or your POS system, allows for centralized management. Update a price on your spreadsheet, and watch as menus across all your locations get updated simultaneously.

Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions

The restaurant business is tough, and the last thing you need is to grapple with outdated methods of menu management. Digital signage brings efficiency, professionalism, and real-time responsiveness to the forefront, allowing you to focus on what you do best: serving delicious food and providing impeccable service.

So, dear restaurant owner, isn't it time to embrace the future and leave the tape, scissors, and scribbles behind? Your brand, your staff, and most importantly, your customers will thank you for it!

Give it a try yourself!

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