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January 16, 2019

Engage your customers with Twitter on OptiSigns

Twitter now have  326 million monthly active users, there are  500 million tweets posted per day. It is one of the most active social medial channels. More information on stats in 2019 here.

Your business may have assets on Twitter already, weather it's your profiles or tweets of your customers, fans, associates. You can easily leverage these content to create beautiful Social Wall with OptiSigns Digital Signage.

In this article we will walk you through how to quickly set up Twitter wall.

This is how it would look on your screen.


Social Wall View - Click to see example

Single Post View - Click to see example

Let's jump in and get started:

First, you will need to have your screens set up and paired. For more information how to do that, click here.

Then log on to our portal:

Go to Files/Assets, Click on "App" and Click Twitter.

Enter your Twitter wall information:

  • Name: Name of your Twitter Wall, this is the name of the wall in your asset list. It will not be displayed on your screens.
  • Post Type: Select if you want to use a Twitter Profile or Hashtag. Important: you can only set this one time during creation of the asset, if you want to change this later, you should delete the old asset and create a new one.
  • Profile/Hashtag: Depend if you select Post Type is Profile or Hashtag, you will put the profile (for example: put NASA) or hashtag (for example: put ElonMusk). It is recommended to search, check Twitter first to avoid typos.
  • Display Mode:  Select Single Post View, Social Wall View or Social Kiosk View Click on each link to see examples.
  • Theme: Select Light or Dark Theme. You can also customize your background color if you select Custom.
  • Speed: Select how fast you want the wall to scroll or switch between Tweets. You can also customize your speed if you select Custom.
  • Font Size: Set the font size for the Twitter app.

You can click Advanced and set:

  • Filter Posts: By Time (i.e last 30 days) or by last XX number of posts
  • Scrolling Strip Font Size: If you put the Twitter app to a SplitScreen zone that is a scrolling strip, you can set how big you want the scrolling text to be

That's all!

Congratulation! You have created your Twitter Wall.

You can change the wall any time by click on it in the Files/Assets tab.

You can assign the newly created wall to your screen by going to Screens, click Edit screens and assign the wall to screens that you want.

You can put the walls in a Playlist, Schedule too.

Ready to get started?

If you are not using OptiSigns yet, you can sign up now for a free 30 days trial, all features included.

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