November 1, 2023

Fine-Tuning Your Workspace: Easy Excel Views and Sharing with External Stakeholders

We're shining a spotlight on two things we all care about deeply: Focus and Collaboration. This month, it's all about zeroing in on the data that really matters in Excel Online and making it a breeze to share playlists and folders with folks outside our usual circles.

Presenting data with precision keeps your audience locked in, and now, making your spreadsheets more relatable and engaging has never been easier. On the collaboration front, we're smoothing out the process for external stakeholders to contribute, eliminating the fuss over additional sign-ups and logins—teamwork is about to get a major upgrade. How exciting is that?

  • Customize Display Region' feature with Excel Online app - Enables our users to only share the preferred area of the whole Excel Sheet. Dive into the details and magnify specific sections of your spreadsheet, offering an optimized and refined view for unparalleled user satisfaction. Zoom in to focus on intricate aspects, providing an enriched and detailed perspective that elevates your overall Excel navigation and usability. Whether you're dissecting data or fine-tuning your presentation, this feature ensures a seamless and enhanced user experience, putting you in control of the finer points of your Excel journey.

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  • Shared Playlists and Folders with External Users - Elevate collaboration efficiency with the seamless sharing of playlists and folders with external users—no additional sign-ups or logins needed! Simplify content sharing, fostering effortless engagement with external partners and collaborators. This user-friendly approach not only makes collaboration a breeze but also encourages meaningful interactions, creating a dynamic space for enhanced teamwork and productivity. Unlock the power of hassle-free content sharing and propel your collaborative efforts to new heights. Please note that this feature is only available for the ProPlus Plan and above.

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