December 6, 2022

Free Christmas Templates for Digital Signage

Add a touch of holiday magic to your screens using our free Christmas templates. Whether you want to promote sales or use your screens as festive displays, our free and totally customizable templates will help you get the job done in a moment.

Here are some ideas on how to use your screens this holiday season:

  • Promote your holiday specials: no matter your industry, posting the one or two items that you offer in the holiday season will likely help you increase sales of those items.
  • Welcome your special guests, customers, and employees with warm holiday wishes message.
  • Show the upcoming events or office party
  • Or simply using holiday season beautiful images to create a warm ambiance and put people's minds at ease.

Click here to browse and download our Christmas free templates.

Our templates are fully customizable and can be added to your screens in less than one minute. You just need to choose your template, download, add your company logo, edit the messages or content, and put it in OptiSigns to push to your Digital Signs. It's that easy!

Give your content that extra something special that’ll grab everyone’s attention and go all out with holiday season content for your screens that will put put everyone in the mood for candy, carols, and Christmas gift-giving.