raspberry pi 4 - optisigns digital signage player

Raspberry Pi w OptiSigns Pre-configured

SKU: OPTI-0003


  • Come with OptiSigns preconfigured,
    just connect to internet and ready to go.

  • Play Full HD Content

  • WiFi or Ethernet connection

  • 4GB RAM

  • 16 GB Storage

  • Passive cooling (no fan, noise)

  • Full technical details

Device will come with OptiSigns
preinstalled but not connected to your account

Device will come with OptiSigns

preinstalled and connected/paired to your account.

When connected to internet the device will automatically play your content.

Frequently asked questions

Can I pre-configure my WiFi network access?

Yes, you can enter your WiFi network credential when ordering the device.

If I order multiple devices, how do I know which one is which when they arrive?

Each device will come in its own box with the device name you entered while ordering as label. See example below.

How does pre-configuration work? What can I pre-configure?

If you log in and order, you can pre-configure device name, WiFi network, Timezone.

What's come in the box?

  • Raspberry Pi 4 - 2GB Model, assembled, pre-configured with OptiSigns
  • 16GB SD Card - pre-installed
  • Power adapter
  • HDMI cable & adapter

Do you offer volume discount?

Yes, if you want to order more than 20 devices, please contact us at support@optisigns.com with the quantity discount.

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