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Zoom Rooms App

Turning Zoom Rooms into Digital Signage when meeting room is not in use. Display your OptiSigns Digital Signage in your Zoom Rooms displays by easily setting up your Assigned Screen Web Player into the room configuration.

Why use Zoom Rooms with Digital Signage?

Zoom Rooms has a Digital Signage feature that allows users to take advantage of screens while there are no active meetings and use them as digital signs to show relevant information, updated in real time, and engage with employees. Here are some practical applications for Zoom Rooms with OptiSigns Digital Signage:


Show your upcoming events in Real time with our Calendar App with QR Codes functionality for RSVP and check-in


Use a PowerPoint or Google Slide presentation showing Employees recognition, Birthdays of the month, Messages from CEO, etc.


Display a looping video with Company information, Marketing, Branding or PR campaigns to make your rooms light up


Stay up to date showing your frequently used dashboards from PowerBI, Tableau, Google Analytics, Data Studio and more


Beautiful Visualization

Highlight your office communications in Zoom Rooms while there are no meetings

Share all your content,
Manage Remotely

Display images, videos or websites playing in loop and control it remotely from our Dashboard

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Tons of Apps integration

Complement your Zoom features with OptiSigns Apps like Social Media Walls and Split Screen Templates

Ready to start using Zoom Rooms with OptiSigns?

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