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Chat with any business owner looking for a better option than Yodeck, and you'll hear them rave about OptiSigns. So, what's the buzz all about? Let's find out! 😎👍

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No matter where you glance - be it Capterra or G2 review platforms - OptiSigns comes in as the top-rated digital signage software. 🏆

Review of optisigns vs screencloud
Optisigns vs screencloud review from capterra and g2
Optisigns vs screencloud review from capterra and g2

Introducing the fresh mobile app that lets you manage your screens from anywhere, be it on your Android or iPhone!

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OptiSigns vs Yodeck: At a Glance

Accept photo, audio, video & documents
Playlist & schedule
app store (Widgets)
Transition Effects
Supported Platforms
15+ Supported Platforms including: Raspberry Pi, Roku, ChromeOS, MacOS, Windows, Android & Fire TV. See all
Raspberry Pi
Dashboard Tableau, Jira, and more
Mobile App for Android & iOS

AI Add-on: Audience insight
$ 10
per screen per month
$ 10
per screen per month
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1. User-Friendly Interface

Just drag and drop your desired content into the playlist, schedule it for specific times (if needed), and let the software work its magic. We understand that not every business owner is a tech whiz, so we've made sure our software is a breeze to use, even when juggling multiple screens!

Optisigns Template canvas landing pages

2. Thousands of Free Template

From Covid Safety Guidelines to Digital Menus, Holidays & Events, Food & Beverage, Health & Medical, Office & Professional Services, Retail, Gyms & Fitness, and beyond - we've got you covered.

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Optisigns Template canvas landing pages

3. Tons of apps for expanding your content

From social butterflies like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Google Reviews, and Yelp, to the Weather Wall, and even business apps like Google, Office Calendar, JIRA, and Trello boards - we've woven integrations that work wonders for you. Discover more about our app offerings right here!

Optisigns Template canvas landing pages

4. Social Media Connection

Whether showcasing your Instagram masterpieces or Facebook posts, OptiSigns presents eye-catching visualizations of your social media feeds, hassle-free. Just direct us to your social media account!

Optisigns Template canvas landing pages

5. Playlist Transition Effects

Spruce up your playlist with a touch of finesse using our selection of transition effects: fade, slide, rotate, flip, and more. These smooth transitions not only grab attention but also reduce eye strain for your viewers. Talk about a win-win!

6. Easy Set Up With Any Device

We've got your back with support for Fire TV Sticks, Windows, Mac, Chrome, Linux, and more. Got a Raspberry Pi? Installing OptiSigns is a piece of cake! Simply download our app and run it on your Raspbian - no command lines or Wi-Fi setup fuss.

7. Pricing that meets your needs

Let's face it - as a business owner, price is the name of the game. OptiSigns delivers more bang for your buck than other digital signage software, providing more features without breaking the bank. It's a dream come true for startups and small businesses that may not have the funds for pricier options. Plus, we offer volume discounts as well as special pricing for non-profits and educational organizations. With other providers, be careful of those hidden fees!

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