June 29, 2024

OptiSigns Vs. Yodeck: A Comprehensive Comparison

Deciding what platform to go with for your digital signage needs can be a difficult process. Let’s break down the major differences between us and Yodeck.

Digital Signage Player Comparisons

Yodeck’s Main Player

Yodeck’s primary platform and player is Raspberry Pi. The board is solid and trusted for use in many industrial deployments. However, there are multiple pain points that come with the Raspberry Pi, as discussed in our previous blog

  • SD Cards failure rate: SD card reliability varies based on the manufacturer and quality grading classes (read more here). People commonly use SD cards to store data on phones and cameras. Usually, people avoid using them for digital signage because frequent reading and writing can lead to more problems.
  • Form Factor: It comes in a compact form, requiring careful consideration for placement or concealment near your television. These are not as easy as players in stick form, like our OptiSigns Android Digital Signage Player.
  • Cases & Cooling: Usually, Raspberry Pi deploy with metal, passive cooling cases. These cases are durable and work well, but they mess with Wi-Fi network performance. To avoid this, you’ll need to add an external antenna, which adds extra cost and complexity.

OptiSigns’ Main Players

Although you can use Raspberry Pi with OptiSigns, we offer two options specifically designed for digital signage:

OptiSigns Android Player:
  • Easy to Setup: Just plug it directly into your TV's HDMI port, removing any worry about mounting or placement.
  • User-Friendly Management: Easily set up and control your screens. The provided remote makes management a breeze. Simply change your screen orientation, settings, or Wi-Fi using the provided remote in just minutes. Unlike the Raspberry Pi, which requires a keyboard and mouse.

OptiSigns Pro Player:

  • Robust Hardware: Engineered with industrial-grade components, it ensures superior durability and reliability. Designed for 24/7 continuous operation.
  • Storage Device: Pro Player uses SSD for faster data access, fewer failures, and better performance than traditional hard drives.

Other Platform Support

OptiSigns Compatibility

  • Supported Platforms: Windows, Linux, macOS, ChromeOS, BrightSigns, Samsung SSSP, LG WebOS, and tvOS
  • Vertical Integration Benefits: We utilize hardware features at the operating system level. This helps us with remote troubleshooting, scheduling, RS 232, sensor IoT, and more.

Yodeck Compatibility

  • Use of SignageOS: Yodeck also supports some of the previously mentioned platforms, but relies on SignageOS for this compatibility.
  • Third-Party Limitations: Some features may be limited, and updates rely on third-party upgrades and support from SignageOS.

The Hidden Cost of Free Device Offer

Yodeck's offer of a free device with an annual subscription seems attractive but has hidden costs. You will need to pay for shipping and handling. The device, a Raspberry Pi 4 with only 1GB of RAM, struggles to handle modern digital signage. This can lead to performance issues like lagging videos and slow transitions.

Lower-quality hardware also means more maintenance, increased downtime, and limited functionality, restricting your ability to create engaging content. OptiSigns provides top-quality hardware with advanced features for better performance, making it a wise long-term investment. Be cautious of the enticing nature of 'free' offers; it could end up costing you more.

Feature Comparisons

Weather App

OptiSigns is well-suited for businesses seeking easy-to-use and visually appealing weather displays for their digital signage. Users can customize our weather app to meet their specific needs with our diverse themes. It provides more forecast information, like wind speed and humidity, along with advanced customization options to boost viewer engagement.

Yodeck's weather apps offer less weather data and customization options, with primarily just color and font changes. Their weather apps are more ideal for those needing simple weather forecasts without additional information or customization.


Both OptiSigns and Yodeck can connect to Google and Outlook calendars. Additionally, OptiSigns also works with iCloud calendars. Users who use Apple products can easily see and display their iCloud calendar events in the OptiSigns app. By also offering iCloud calendars, OptiSigns provides a more comprehensive calendar management experience suited for users across different platforms and technology ecosystems.


OptiSigns offers over 4,000 professional and customizable templates for a variety of use cases. Whether you need a menu for your restaurant, promotional sign for seasonal sales, or more, we've got you covered. We add to our template library frequently, so our users have a plethora of options. Bringing your screens to life with our creative designs and intuitive graphic design tool has never been easier!

In contrast, Yodeck's template library is significantly smaller, with just several hundred customizable content layouts, or templates. This leads to the potential of a greater risk of not finding the template needed for your organization.


OptiSigns provides a unique feature called Feeds, which includes prebuilt videos of engaging content designed to enhance viewer enjoyment. Our Feeds cover topics beneficial for workplace, safety, and productivity environments. We also create educational, interactive and mindfulness content as well. These feeds ensure displays remain fresh and relevant with the latest information tailored to each environment.

Yodeck lacks an equivalent to Feeds, giving us an edge in providing curated content perfect for any company's needs. Our dynamic Feeds keep digital signage vibrant while promoting key objectives.

Kiosk Mode

OptiSigns offers user-friendly kiosk options in our Engage plan to enhance audience engagement, heighten your brand management, and increase sales. Our plan has a variety of useful features, like our popular Content Library Kiosk, Kiosk Designer Pro, and Kiosk Lite.

These features allow for interactive content and browsing for your business. Create the intuitive touch screen experience your business dreams of in minutes. You can even view live examples of our Las Vegas Shows or our Space Academy kiosks. 

Yodeck only offers an Interactive Kiosk App, which is similar to our Kiosk Lite feature. It provides basic features with limited customization and interaction, primarily useful for basic information display. While Yodeck's offering might suffice for simple needs, OptiSigns' Engage plan goes above and beyond by offering a richer, more dynamic, and highly customizable kiosk experience, allowing businesses to create truly engaging and interactive touch screen interfaces.

Whether you need a simple kiosk or a library to showcase products, our kiosk features are sure to impress.

Mobile App

The Mobile Admin App by OptiSigns, available in iOS and Android app stores, lets users control their digital screens from anywhere. The app assists busy professionals by letting them update content from a distance. You can also pair screens, assign content, and monitor and control your devices. Our app can even turn into a remote control, allowing for direct control over your screens.

In contrast, Yodeck's website is compatible with mobile devices, but they do not have a dedicated mobile app. This makes it less convenient for users who want to manage their signage from afar. Without a mobile app, Yodeck users miss out on the on-the-go management that OptiSigns' Mobile Admin App offers.

PowerBI Native Integration

Both OptiSigns and Yodeck provide integration with Microsoft PowerBI, allowing real-time data display on digital signage. OptiSigns provides a user-friendly experience with advanced customization options through our Split Screen app. We also offer better support for interactive dashboards and reports.

We offer robust and comprehensive integration with PowerBI, ensuring the best support for all your PowerBI needs. By implementing a seamless and deep integration with Microsoft SSO, this makes it easier and more secure for users to access PowerBI services. Our platform also supports Service Principals, which allows for more secure and efficient management of PowerBI resources and access control. With OptiSigns, you can trust that we have the best possible support for all your PowerBI needs.

App Library

OptiSigns offers a growing collection of over 160 apps, including popular ones like Canva, Google, Microsoft, and social media. Our app library constantly updates with new apps and features to give users access to the latest tools and functions. We're committed to ensuring our user's have the best resources available to them.

In comparison, Yodeck's app library is slightly smaller, with only 100+ apps and integrations. This limitation means users have fewer options available that might not meet their demands and needs. This may make OptiSigns the better choice for users who want a wider variety of apps to bring their digital signs to life.

Dynamic Data Mapping with OptiSync

OptiSigns offers a new and revamped dynamic data mapping feature called OptiSync. This feature seamlessly connects digital displays to data sources like Google Sheets or Excel spreadsheets and APIs for automatic real-time updates. Its easy, low-code, drag and drop setup ensures displays always show accurate, up-to-date information from linked data. This feature is perfect for showcasing employee birthdays, updating menu boards and more without manual entry. 

OptiSync keeps digital signage content fresh and engaging by integrating live data effortlessly. Meanwhile, Yodeck does not have a similar feature. Without an equivalent, Yodeck lacks the convenience and efficiency of automatic real-time updates. This can make content management more time-consuming.

Additional OptiSigns Features

OptiSigns offers AeriCast add-on, a feature for conference room displays and management. AeriCast supports wireless screen sharing and collaboration tools, making it ideal for corporate and educational environments. Yodeck does not offer an equivalent feature, further demonstrating OptiSigns' comprehensive approach to digital signage solutions.

OptiSigns ensures your digital signage deployment is future-proof with an array of advanced features:

Customer Experience at OptiSigns

Our Commitment to Excellence

At OptiSigns, we strive to provide the best customer experience possible. Our team constantly invests time and resources to improve and optimize our app for a superior user experience. Our users consistently report that they can get up and running within minutes. Numerous positive reviews on platforms like Capterra and G2 prove this.

Ease of Use

Users celebrate OptiSigns for its ease of use. One user noted, “Compared to many other digital signage products out there, this one is easy and inexpensive and once you set it once it is fast to update... Various people in our company can use it without extensive training," Katterine H.'s review of OptiSign on Capterra​. 

In contrast, Yodeck users have reported frustrations with setup and limited customization. "The platform is a bit clunky, the design options aren't the greatest, and the preview of the screen on your computer doesn't always match the reality of what's shown on the TV screen," a Verified User's review of Yodeck on G2.

Exceptional Customer Service

At OptiSigns, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer service. Our Houston-based customer success team is available from 7 AM to 7 PM CST. This ensures you receive a response within a few hours or faster. We believe our responsiveness is unmatched, not only in digital signage but across the B2B SaaS industry.

When you sign up for a trial, you'll quickly see the benefits of our commitment to customer support. Our knowledgeable team is ready to assist with any questions you may encounter, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience. This dedication to customer satisfaction sets us apart and reinforces our commitment to providing a superior product and service.

Final Thoughts

OptiSigns is easy to use and reliable, like a smartphone or tablet, offering a seamless and dependable user experience. Our features, like OptiSync and interactive kiosks, are intuitive and designed to make digital signage simpler. Yodeck is similar to a traditional desktop computer: functional but often requiring more technical know-how.

OptiSigns stands out as the superior choice for digital signage. Our blend of simplicity, reliability, and innovation makes us an ideal solution for those seeking a hassle-free and effective way to engage their audience. Choose OptiSigns and experience the difference of a digital signage software that truly just works.