August 17, 2018

7 ideas to engage your church audiences with digital signs

Using digital signs at worship places has become very common recently.

Here are 7 ways you could use digital signs for your church:

1) Program Schedule:

What's going on today, give visitors an idea of what your program would be like. It could potentially save printing papers. Print editing is time consuming, costly and errors found late are hard to fix. How many times we had material printed, and found some minor mistakes? Digital signs can be updated quickly and virtually.

2) News, Events Updates, Pictures:

Posting pictures, news on digital screens is a great way to give visitors and update on your church's recent news, events. It can be visually attractive, keep it fresh in people's mind, and potentially serve as conversation starters for visitors.

3) Recognitions:

Be it special donors, volunteers, employees; you can display messages, pictures on digital signs to recognize their contributions. It's a great way to make the receiver feel special and motivates others to do the same.

4) Quotes:

Everyone loves inspirational quotes, it can be from bibles, someone well-known or someone in your community. You can find images, ready made quotes from the internet easily, and don't have to spend a lot of time creating graphics, contents.

5) Special guests, visitors:

Recognize and promote your special guests, visitors by displaying their pictures, bios. It's not only a good way to promote them, but also give attendees better context of what's going on.

6) Social Media:

Display Facebook, Instagram, Twitter post, messages related to your community. Social media is an authentic source of content that you need to cultivate, but not create. People can related well to social media messages from their community, and it is usually good rewards for people to see their posts displayed on big screens.

7) Weather:

Of course, we cannot forget the weather. It's good to remind the audience on what's going on outside or what's coming so they can plan accordingly.

Setting up digital signs for the idea above is very easy with OptiSigns.  Watch the 1min video below to see how: