January 11, 2023

8 Digital Signage Ideas for Car Dealerships

Car dealerships and showrooms are known for providing a luxurious and digitally-advanced customer experience and keeping their customers informed and entertained.

To stand out from the competition, car dealerships need new and innovative ways to interact with their customers. In recent years, many car dealerships have started installing digital signage in their showrooms to display car specs and prices, promote and upsell their services, strengthen brand loyalty, enhance customers’ experience and improve their marketing communication.

But there is a lot that can be done with digital signage, and we have gathered 8 digital signage ideas for car dealerships looking to outshine their competitors:

1. Give customers and visitors a special welcome

Digital signs are great for providing customers and potential buyers with a warm and inviting welcome, as they attract attention and engagement.

To greet visitors, you can use your screens to display a lot of content, including custom welcome messages along with showroom information like contact numbers, or the latest automobile news and trends.

Digital signage is also a great way to introduce and get customers to get to know the staff, as human connection is a really important aspect of sales in the car dealership industry. You can display a short professional bio or a list of accreditations/achievements. Furthermore, this will help customers feel more comfortable and reassure them they’re interacting with a real person and not someone who only wants to sell them something.

2. Inform customers about your car inventory and price list

Buyers who walk into your showroom aren’t always sure which car to buy, so having a digital catalog that showcases the cars available in your dealership with detailed information about each model can turn a potential buyer into a confirmed one. You can include photos, videos, reviews, technical specifications, or even a test drive video. Displaying this information will not only be engaging for visitors or potential buyers but will entertain them while they wait.

Using digital signage to display your price list is particularly useful for used cars. An additional benefit is that you won’t need to print price lists all the time. Displaying digital signs at your car dealership helps you keep customers up to date when prices change or when you sell or trade in one of your vehicles.

3. Display your car dealership promotions

Car dealerships can use digital signage to display their most recent customer promotions and discounts. Promotions can include new car offers and special services, if the dealership also provides service for their customers’ cars, like oil changes, service or parts discounts, and repair programs that are available.

As digital signs instantly grab the attention of your customers and visitors they are a great way to promote your upcoming sales and attract more customers.

4. Highlight new car features

Car makers are constantly innovating, and there’s something unique about every new car they release. You can use digital signs in your car dealership or showroom to highlight specific features and compare different models to help customers decide the best fit for them.

5. Tell customers about the brand's history

The history of an auto brand holds a lot of significance for many car enthusiasts and potential buyers. By displaying interesting facts about a brand’s history on digital signs you can bring customers closer and strengthen customer loyalty while they wait at your car dealership.

Auto brands often release commercials featuring new car models or special promotions. You can use your digital signs to display these commercials for your customers and keep them entertained while they wait at your dealership.

6. Share client testimonials and reviews

People like to read and compare reviews before they make big purchases. Displaying 5-star reviews and direct feedback or quotes from satisfied customers on digital signs throughout the car dealership may help to convince new buyers to buy the car they’ve been admiring.

You can also use digital signage as a curated social media wall by displaying images from your social media channels and showcasing specific hashtags, videos, tweets, etc. on the big screen.

7. Display maintenance tips

It’s important people know how to look after their cars. Not only does proper maintenance reduce the risk of something going wrong with a vehicle, but it can also extend its longevity and save on repair costs. Your customers will thank you for sharing maintenance tips on digital screens as they wait for their cars to be serviced!

8. Entertain customers while they wait

On average, car owners face a 90-minute wait while their vehicles are being serviced. Digital signage can help keep customers entertained, and engaged while they’re in the waiting room. You can add news, live TV, weather updates, and more to break up the monotony.

Digital signage is an effective communication tool for any business, including car dealerships. Its ability to leverage dynamic content formats allows car dealerships to increase their exposure and drive sales while delivering experiences that boost customer satisfaction and take your business to the next level.

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