November 15, 2023

Advanced Controls to Captivate Your Audience and Nail Your Ads

Would you believe me if I told you that our Playlists could do more than just cycle through assets? Imagine having the power to not only control what plays but also when it plays and how often, ensuring it hits the mark every time.

In today's digital whirlwind, keeping audiences engaged while juggling an array of playlists and advertisements might seem daunting. But you're in luck! We're rolling out some nifty features to make managing your playlists and ads a breeze.

With smart playback controls and innovative tagging options, fine-tuning your content strategy and captivating your audience has never been easier. You can thank us later!

Advanced Playlist Item Playback Control - Discover four groundbreaking advanced settings designed to revolutionize your playlist management and elevate advertising strategy and content control.

  • Sub-playlist control: Enables you to specify the number of items to play from a nested sub-playlist, allowing for more efficient time allocation and content management.
  • Resume on next play: Enabling this feature ensures that the playlist resumes from its last position, offering a seamless experience, especially when interruptions occur, as it prevents the playlist from starting over from the beginning.
  • Splitscreen primary zone with playlist: When utilizing Splitscreen to group related content within a playlist, this feature ensures a smoother content transition by allowing the playlist to respect the primary zone's content duration, ensuring playback completion before moving to the next item.
  • Assured Playback Interval (Play Every Setting): This setting empowers you to specify how frequently you want an item to repeat, such as adhering to a contractual agreement for an ad to play once every hour, as it effectively adds a timer to ensure the item is played at the designated intervals.

Playlist Asset Tag Features - Unlock enhanced playlist item control with our latest update, available exclusively in the Pro Plus and above plans. Seamlessly content for various screens in a single playlist, simplifying screen management and effortlessly delivering tagged assets to your displays based on customized rules.

Control and Scheduling of Playlist Items - Now, you can have full control over your playlist items playback under Playlist item options. Available on Windows, Linux,  and ChromeOS devices (Android support coming soon). New feature settings include:

  • 'Apply To' Setting: Tailor your playlist items to specific screens, making multi-screen content management a breeze. For instance, effortlessly incorporate regional content into a global playlist, ensuring it's displayed only where it matters most. (Available with Pro Plus plan or higher)
  • 'Item Schedule' Setting: Schedule individual playlist items with precision. Craft playlist items for different times of the day or week, ensuring your content is displayed exactly when and where you want it i.e. deliver morning-specific content on weekdays, all with the ease of playlist item scheduling.