February 3, 2023

Case Study: Deerbrook Family Clinic

This case study examines how Deerbrook Family Clinic, a health clinic, has adopted digital signage to enhance the way they communicate with their patients and visitors.

Implementing and using digital signs in their clinics has helped them build stronger relationships with patients and visitors by improving their experience in their three locations, from the lobby to the check-in counter, waiting room, and even hallways.

Digital signage is a great way to provide a welcoming, comforting atmosphere in a place where people may arrive feeling anxious or in pain. OptiSigns digital signage solution has played a significant role in providing unique experiences for Deerbrook Family Clinic patients by improving communication and personalizing their experience.

About Deerbrook Family Clinic

Deerbrook Family Clinic has been serving the Humble Texas community since 2005. The Deerbrook Family has worked incessantly to build strong relationships with their patients for 18 years, which means they sometimes serve multiple generations of families, forging a trust and caring connection with them.

By 2022 they wanted a more effective and trustworthy digital solution to improve communication with their visitors and keep forging even stronger relationships with their patients. This meant eliminating old ways of communication like traditional print advertising, which sometimes can become costly and non-effective.

With OptiSigns, our user-friendly and powerful digital signage solution, Deerbrook Family Clinic found exactly what they needed, as the best way to communicate important, real-time information in the healthcare industry is on a screen.

The Digital Signage Solution

OptiSigns digital signage solution is simple, affordable, and powerful, and it lets our clients easily, set up, manage, and upload screen content remotely through a desktop portal, or by downloading our app on any iOS or Android device. This means Deerbrook Family Clinic can easily showcase unique information on each screen if they needed to, and most importantly, reach and engage visitors, patients, and even employees in strategic spots of their clinics with important messages or announcements and even entertaining content to make waits feel shorter and keep patients happier.

To date, OptiSigns is powering multiple digital signage screens in three Deerbrook Family Clinic locations, which has drastically improved its communications with visitors and patients from day one. Deerbrook Family Clinic now has the ability to quickly update and schedule information and content on its screens based on time and day, type of medical service, and even location, all remotely from our OptiSigns portal or on the go with our Mobile App.

This is how Deerbrook Family Clinic is using OptiSigns different features to make an impact on their visitors and patients:

1. Announcements

Deerbrook Family Clinic communicates with visitors and patients in real-time from the moment they arrive at the clinic and one of the best ways they get their messages to all visitors and patients is through digital signs announcements, with pictures, slides, videos, or Apps.

With OptiSigns Deerbrook Family Clinic communicates its services, medical weight loss programs, COVID-19 safety protocols, special festive messages for holidays, and other special dates. Digital signs also helps them improve visitors and patient experience by informing and educating by displaying relevant information, easing patient and visitors' frustrations in the best way.

Deerbrook creates its own content in a few simple steps, connecting to google drive and Dropbox to upload content and images and using our split-screen mode to also share the weather app or live TV. Using our online editor and pre-built templates they create content and share it instantly on the screens.

2. Entertainment

Deerbrook is combining its regular content with our split-screen feature to display other forms of entertainment such as videos related to the business, or movies and documentaries for entertainment during particularly long waits. They also display the weather app and news to keep their patients informed. Our split-screen feature also works great to display employee and doctor bios, and even to guide visitors through the steps necessary to sign up, check-in, or make a payment.

3. Social media walls:

By using their own Instagram, Facebook, Google reviews, or Facebook recommendations content, Deerbrook Family Clinic is generating more engagement with their patients and visitors. Deerbrook also encourages patients to post reviews and follow their social media profiles.

There are many use cases and benefits of digital signage in the healthcare industry and every day there are more clinics and hospitals investing in digital signage to improve patient experience, communication, and also operational efficiency.

OptiSigns is a proven digital signage solution for hospitals, clinics, and doctor's offices and we believe that the most rewarding digital signage solution is the one that makes a difference.


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