February 9, 2022

Case Study: Fairfield University

Discover how a higher education institution is using Digital Signage to improve students' and faculty members' experiences.

This case study examines how and why Fairfield University wanted to improve the way they communicate with their students through digital signage, as ninety-seven percent of modern students prefer getting their information digitally.

Digital signage is a great way to supplant emails, cork boards, and print publicity, and distribute information every day, from class information to emergency alerts.

About Fairfield University

As a student-centric university founded more than 80 years ago, with a 200-acre campus situated on the Connecticut coastline that hosts 4,000+ students, staff, and visitors, Fairfield University was looking for an effective way to improve its students and faculty members' experience on their campus in Fairfield, Connecticut.

In order to keep up with ever-changing communication channels, the students and faculty are overloaded with emails, messages, print advertising, and social media feeds, so the university wanted a more effective solution to improve communication and also eliminate traditional and non-eco-friendly print advertising to get one step closer to being paperless.

With OptiSigns, our user-friendly and simple solution for digital signage, the dream became a reality.

The Digital Signage Solution

Our solution its simple but powerful, you can access our portal through a web browser, or download our APP in any iOS or Android device, and easily, set up, manage, and upload screens contents remotely and most importantly, showcase unique information in each screen when they needed to, engage students and faculty in every corner of the campus with important messages and announcements in a timely manner.

To date, OptiSigns is powering multiple digital signage screens throughout Fairfield University campus, from the Business School to the bookstore, featuring digital posters, live media, video, cross-campus media playlists, and more, which has drastically improved its communications from day one.

This is how they are actually using our app to reach out students and faculty members on campus:

1. Announcements

One of the best ways to get your messages to all students and faculty members is through digital signs announcements, with pictures, slides, videos, or Apps. Ideal for communicating COVID-19 safety protocols, welcoming back from holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.), and any special dates. With OptiSigns Fairfield creates its own content in a few simple steps, connecting to dropbox or google drive to upload a photo and

using our split-screen mode to also share the weather app.

Our online editor and pre-built templates make it super easy to create content and share it instantly on the screens.

2. Enhance community

Engage students with the use of social media, their preferred communication channel. OptiSigns allows you to integrate with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc, and get the info displayed in various ways with split-screen and also control the posts or hashtags from our dashboard.

These days, up to 70 percent of today's higher education facilities use digital signage systems for sharing key information and strengthening the student community.  If you’re ready to become one of them, try OptiSigns for free here.