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March 16, 2023

Engage your customers with Social Media Walls

Social media is key to growing your business because it’s where your customers are and it’s where they go to interact with you. And it’s not just customers who are looking at your screens, employees are also an important group of stakeholders, so organizations can also use social media & internal marketing to “sell” themselves.

OptiSigns lets you display social media walls on your screens to get you to drive conversion, highlight live interactions, and engage with your customers, visitors, and even employees. If you’re looking to catch customers' attention and get them talking on your sales floor or grow your engagement while you’re at an event using a social media wall is the best way to do it.

With a social media wall, you can collect and display user-generated content from a variety of your favorite social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Yelp, Google Reviews, and more.  It is super easy to set it up with OptiSigns. You can even use the Social Mix App to mix your posts from Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter in a single social wall. With a social media wall, you can track hashtag campaigns, or encourage your audience to contribute with content with an end result of a curated selection of social content your audience cares about.

Here are some ideas on how to use a social media wall in your business:

Social media wall in a retail store:

Social media influences shoppers purchasing behavior. Now pair that with the fact that digital signage displays can boost purchase amounts and time spent browsing. You can use your screens to display social media walls to display all your branded content mixed with posts from your happy customers and influencers to drive sales while increasing brand awareness and trust.

Social media wall in events:

A social media wall can help create a sense of community around your event - from conferences & conventions to weddings & graduations. Bring everyone together around a hashtag campaign, highlight popular posts, and drive more audience participation.

Social media wall for the workplace:

An engaged workforce can increase a business’s profitability, and from an internal perspective, employees reap a host of benefits too - from motivation to greater satisfaction with their work. Social media walls can help connect your departments to one another, your employees to the customers they serve, and team member to team member.

Social media walls in the travel industry:

These days, the bulk of those on socials will take a quick travel snap – like a picture of fluffy clouds from a plane window or of some brown legs by the pool and post them online for followers to envy. Combine this with a catchy hashtag, and display the content rolling in on digital screens throughout hotels and resorts and you’ve got a sure-fire means of social reach and expanding your brand’s visibility from all across the globe.

Now its your turn to charm your audience with a fresh and exciting social media wall display. Get creative! There are so many ways to use social media walls and take advantage of them. Increase conversions, ROI, and brand awareness and have some fun creating engaging, flashy, and stimulating visual displays for your audience to enjoy. Good luck!


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