March 3, 2022

Case Study: Super Chix

Discover how digital signage is helping a Quick Service Restaurant boost sales and give customers a seamless experience.

This case study examines how Super Chix, a quick-service restaurant franchise, has adopted digital signage to bring their food to life, transferring their static menus to a digital screen.

Using and understanding the right technology has helped them build sales, increase the average ticket, build customer loyalty, and communicate more clearly with their customers on a daily basis in all of their locations in 14 states nationwide.

About Super Chix

Since being founded in 2014, Super Chix has worked obsessively to bring high-quality food to their customers. Using fresh and natural ingredients without preservatives and cooking every order to order, they have achieved excellence by keeping their menu simple, focusing on what they know best: better chicken, hand-cut fries, fresh frozen custard & amazing toppings.

But there was one thing they needed to upgrade fast: eliminate their traditional menu boards and replace them with vibrant digital menus that get customers hungry for more.

The Solution

With OptiSigns, our effective and simple solution for digital signage Super Chix found exactly what they needed to eliminate and replace their menu boards with digital menus. Just by accessing our portal through a web browser, or downloading our APP on any iOS or Android device, they easily set up, manage, and remotely upload content to their screens. But most importantly, instantly improve their indoor communication with mouth-watering menu items, new products, and promotions on the digital menu screens.

Super Chix has enhanced their ability to quickly update menus and promotion content based on location, all remotely from our OptiSigns portal or APP.

Another feature the SuperChix team is loving is the ability to schedule seasonal promotion ahead of time, saving the marketing team time and most importantly always ensuring promotion will show up and come off on the exact date. The team does not have to worry about remembering to change promo because it only takes a few seconds to schedule start and ending dates for promotion content so there is no margin error.

To date, OptiSigns is powering all Super Chix restaurant locations nationwide, helping them boost their sales by showcasing higher-margin products more frequently on their digital signage screens.

How is a QSR using digital signage to its advantage?

Super Chix has embraced digital signage as a part of an overall business and marketing strategy and is using different features to help them sell the food fast:

  1. Digital menu board: Communicating menu items in a dynamic form catches the attention of the customers in a whole different way, increasing the sales and the upsell of the products. Just choose your free template from our hundreds of menu options, edit and push it to your screens. As easy as it sounds.
  2. Promote specials and overstocks:  We have countless free promotion templates. Just choose what you need to communicate, edit and share to your screens.
  3. Advertise job openings: Promote job openings based on location in a more visual way, with images , icons and QR codes.
  4. Social media walls: Use your content on Instagram, Facebook, Google reviews, or Facebook recommendations to engage with your customers. You can also encourage users to post reviews & follow your social media profiles.
  5. Schedule in seconds your menu, promotion, breakfast, lunch, dinner, weekday, weekend, you name it. We have made digital signage as easy as it gets with our web portal and APP.

Offer your customers an enticing visual image of daily menu items, eye-catching creative content, and animations in common areas or at restaurant entrances with OptiSigns.

Start your free trial here and join us today.