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March 10, 2020

Corona COVID-19 Virus Dashboard on your Digital Screens

The spread of the Corona Virus is still on the raise. As of the writing of this article, the total number of confirmed cases have reached 105,000 worldwide and 545 confirmed case in 34 States in the U.S.

We have put together a simple Digital Signage package that can help to keep your viewers up to date with status, developing news on the virus and remind folks of the best way to fight the virus: maintaining personal hygiene.

The package include:

  • CDC's United States COVID-19 Dashboard
  • Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Map Dashboard
  • U of Minnesota CIDRAP - COVID-19 News feed
  • CDC’s hand washing poster
  • OptiSigns designed hand washing poster

To get the package and use on your screens, simply log on to your OptiSigns Account. If you don't have one, you can create a 30-days free trial here.

Once you are in, go to File/Assets and Click Apps.

Then Click: COVID-19 Info Pack

The app will create the following assets in your account.

  • CDC's United States COVID-19 Dashboard

  • Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Global Dashboard
  • UOMCIDRAP - COVID-19 News RSS News & Scrolling Strip News
  • CDC’s hand washing poster portrait & landscape
  • OptiSigns designed hand washing poster

You can use these asset however you like, adding them to your existing playlists or creating a SplitScreen with dashboard & scrolling news like below.

If you need more help on how to use SplitScreen, please click here.

Hope this package will help you quickly put content on your screens to give updates on the virus, and promote hand washing, personal hygiene.

For more information, recommendation you can refer to CDC Recommends part of the CDC's official page for COVID-19:

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