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August 21, 2016

Cost Efficient Way to Set up Digital Signs

In restaurants, malls these days you are likely to see big screen TV displaying menu, advertising. These displays really stand outs, attract attention of customers and proven to increase sales and customer’s engagement. However, the current process to update these screens is costly in time and money. Many businesses only update screens few times a year and missing out opportunity to engage customers.

Why should we use Digital Boards in stores?

Before making any business investment, it is important that you need to consider advantage of the digital signs.

  • Digital signs attract attention and make good impressions for customer entering stores. There are 70 percent of people who recall seeing advertisement on the digital signage, 47 percent can specifically recall seeing the advertisement.
  • A study conducted by Intel in 2013, the same products or item at different location. One store has digital signage to promote the item, and the other store doesn’t have digital signage. The store which has digital signage has more 49 percent increase sales than the store doesn’t have. In another way, in the same case, digital sign were 34 percent more effective than traditional sign.
  • Business can make their own advertisements to promote themselves. You can create your own style. Business do not have to spend other design money on advertisement of products.
  • A research in the Sweden in 2012 is that people spend significantly longer to look at the digital signage than the traditional signage, because digital signage is bright, colorful, and animated display.
  • Business can earn more additional revenue, because Digital Signage promotes products to customers.
  • Building the relationship with customers. Customers may want to know more information and news of products.
It does not need to cost a lot:

Amazon Fire Stick: ($39.99) Click Here50-Inch TV: ($390.99) Click HereTV Mount ($19.99) Click HereTV mount labor ($100-$150) (if you don’t want to do it yourself)Total will be $550 – $600. It is really cost efficient way to promote your business.You can apply alternative TVs, mount and cost to install in your location.

Easy to use with OptiSigns

Once you got screen set up, it will only be as good as its content. It is important to keep your content, promotions fresh, update regularly and compare effectiveness.With OptiSigns keeping your screens’ content up today is easy. You just need Amazon Fire stick and TV screen. You will need to download the App in the Amazon Fire stick device. You can custom your advertisement of product on your own customer or laptop. It can be costumed as image, doc., PDF, and video.

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