April 15, 2024

Experience iCloud Calendar & Kiosk Navigation Updates

Experience iCloud Calendar & Kiosk Navigation Updates

What's New in OptiSigns?

<nocaps>iCloud<nocaps> Calendar

Connecting your iCloud Calendar with your digital signage is now a breeze! You can show schedules and events in real time, which really changes the way you communicate and organize every day. It's perfect for keeping your team in sync, your clients updated, and your audience captivated. Everyone stays in the loop with the latest information.

With your iCloud calendar visible on your digital signs, sharing information becomes more lively and accessible to everyone. It's a simple way to make sure no one misses out!

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Kiosk Navigation Bar

Our latest update to Kiosk Designer Pro and Kiosk Lite is a game-changer! Our new Close/Navigation Styler transforms how you interact with your kiosk. This feature lets you easily customize the navigation bar, allowing you to tweak settings at the app level or adjust your system preferences directly.

Featuring several sleek designs and simple customization options, the Close/Navigation Styler is crafted to meet your varied needs.

We're excited to release this update to our Android, Google TV, and Amazon Fire TV users with version 5.16.12. For our Windows and Linux users, stay tuned—support for these platforms is coming soon!

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