December 10, 2019

Free Christmas & New Year Templates for Digital Signs

You can bring employees and customers alike holiday cheer with simple, digital signage. Here are some templates that can help you up and running quickly.

We provided the templates in PowerPoint format, you can just download and use it.

Download Templates.

If you don't have PowerPoint, you can open it with Google Slides, see this guide.

You just need to download, edit the messages, content and put it in OptiSigns to push to your Digital Signs. You are also welcome to use the template however you'd like.

Here are some ideas on how to use the templates:

Show the upcoming events, office party: people may know about it, but it usually a good idea to have reminder on the screens.

Promote your holiday specials: if you are restaurants, retail shops posting the one or two items that you offer in the holiday season will likely to help you increase sales of those items.

Welcome your special guests, customers, employees with a warm message.

Or simply using holiday season beautiful images to create a warm ambiance put people mind at ease.

Download templates:

For Microsoft PowerPoint templates click here.

If you are using Google Slides, follow this guide to open the .PPTX file in Google Slides.