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November 8, 2019

Free Thanksgiving Templates for Digital Signs

Whether you just want to put up a Happy Thanksgiving message, promote a special offering in your business or post reminders for upcoming events. These templates can give you a good starting point.

We provided the template in both Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides.

You just need to download, edit the messages, content and put it in OptiSigns to push to your Digital Signs. You are also welcome to use the template however you'd like.

Here are some ideas of how others are doing it:

Show the upcoming events, office party: people may know about it, but it usually a good idea to have reminder on the screens.

Promote your holiday specials: if you are restaurants, retail shops posting the one or two items that you offer in Thanksgiving season will likely to help you increase sales of those items.

Welcome your special guests with a warm message

Wishing your employees, colleagues, customer a Happy Thanksgiving

Or simply using fall's beautiful images to create a warm ambiance put people mind at ease during the holiday

Download templates:

If you are using Google Slides, please be sure to click File, make a copy, so that it will make a copy to your personal drive and you can edit it there.

For more details on how to use Google Slides with OptiSigns click here.

If you need help or have questions on how to uses, set up signs, just let us know.

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