December 22, 2018

How Often Should You Change Your Digital Signage Displays? Best Tips to Follow

Did you know that the digital signage industry is thriving? After all, its market value worldwide is at $19.6 billion. It may take over traditional business signs in a few more years.

The main reason for its continued growth? Companies realizing its worth for their business. Some of the businesses that benefit the most from digital signage displays are restaurants.

However, if you already own one, there are some things you need to know.

If you want to find out when to change your digital signage design, read on. It's important to learn about these things to ensure that your content stays fresh.

How Often to Update Digital Signage Content?

The simple answer is to do it as often as the need arises. One of the best things about digital signages is that the software like OptiSigns makes it easier for you to change anything. It's so easy that you can change it a few times daily if you want.

1. It Depends on Your Target Audience

Whether you need to change your content daily or weekly depends on your audience. For example, your content will differ when you cater to early morning commuters over the age of 25. It's important to know that your approach changes if you start catering to high school students too.

That means you need to tailor your displays to make it more attractive to your demographic. That might also mean changing it depending on the time of the day or the current month. But either way, the most important thing to remember is to keep the content fresh and relatable.

It's important to note that more than 55% of people traveling engage better with digital signages. That means that if you target the right audience, you're more likely to be remembered by people passing by on their way.

2. Use the Rule of Three

One of the tried and tested methods used by most businesses is the Rule of Three. It's a simple approach that lets you change your content and loop your content thrice every day. The best time to change it is during the morning, midday, and evening.

Changing the content at this frequency will keep it diverse enough and interesting. This helps to attract new customers since it's fascinating. It also helps keep it fresh for the people who see your digital signage all the time.

Sometimes, you can try rearranging the order of content change. This can help to decrease the chances of people seeing the same content often. It enables you to reach a more diverse set of customers without appearing too obvious with the pattern.

3. Constant Change Is the Best

The most sophisticated approach among all three is keeping the content fresh. That means you need to constantly add or delete content to keep up with the times. You need to ensure that you keep everything up to date and relevant to your customers.

Do this and mix up the order whenever you can. Having a big playlist will keep your customers' attention. If you don't, they might start ignoring it when it's stale and try looking elsewhere.

The costs of doing this might be problematic at first. But with the constant stream of new and old customers, it's worth the effort and spending. Keep it in mind whenever you start feeling complacent.

How to Target the Right Audience?

Depending on your demographics and the current time of the day, you need to deliver focused messages. It needs to target your desired audience in a specific way that customer can relate to. If you continue delivering general messages, a day might not be enough to get the customers you want.

You need to use your digital signage in a way that gives your audience a guided tour of your brand. A lot of people can connect to your brand if you humanize it more. You can show your business values or offer personalized welcome greetings to your audience.

Here are other things you can do to target your customers.

1. Try Using a Network of Screens

If your business area is big enough, try putting a network in important locations. Put one on your reception area, one on the office, and one the canteen. If you use different screens with various content, you can reach a more diverse set of people.

You can try using the displays to give messages to your employees. Maybe start an employee of the week and display it there. Keeping the content fresh and updated makes your employees pay more attention to it

Your reception area should display your company's latest news and promotions. That helps target your potential customers and visitors. It gives them something to watch whenever they have a moment to spare.

Always remember that your visitor demographic changes depending on the time of the day. That means it's important to deliver the messages right. If you don't, you carry the risk of not reaching the proper audience and wasting your efforts.

2. Know Your Goals

Your goals will play a major part in how you use your digital displays. For example, is your restaurant looking too bland? You might want to implement a digital menu using these displays.

Don't make the mistake of adopting this technology as an end on its own. This will reduce the overall power and effectiveness of these displays. In that restaurant example, you might end up turning the digital menu into a cheap, overused gimmick.

This is a wasteful use of precious resources. If you don't use your digital displays to match your goals, you won't even know if it works. That prevents you from getting a good picture of what to improve on.

How to Succeed with Digital Signage Displays?

The success of your digital signage efforts depends on delivering unique customer experiences. Achieving this means you get more customers to your business. This will quicken the return on investment, so you can start profiting from your investment.

But what practices do you need to develop to use your digital signage to the fullest? Here are some tips that can help you increase your brand awareness and increase revenue.

1. Keep a Cohesive Digital Signage Network

There are a lot of digital signage solutions at your disposal. You can get tempted to buy all sorts of technologies available. You might think that this will lead you to instant success since it covers all possible needs.

But keeping it real, this approach is the fastest way to make your business go bankrupt. It might not seem like a big deal, but you need cohesion. This has a massive impact when it comes to enhancing your user experience.

Having a cohesive network makes things simpler and easier for you. If you have a lot of different components, it becomes more complicated to track and manage. As for your potential customers, cohesion is important since your signage should tell them a consistent story.

That's why it's necessary to take a step back and look at your network of digital signages. Does it look attractive? If so, think about whether it's also aesthetically-pleasing to your target audience.

2. Expand Customer Experience Aside from Your Brick-And-Mortar Locations

With the digital signage market at $6.9 billion in the United States alone, you need to expand your options. Don't drown yourself in the crowd. Don't limit it to your business location, since your customers like having a choice.

You need to go past your storefront, especially if it closes for the day.

Install a digital signage unit in locations people can see 24/7. That helps you improve your customer exposure. It gives a pleasant experience that raises people's brand awareness and brings in more profit.

You might want to add an element of a touchscreen if you want more interaction. These solutions give you a wider means of customer communication. You can use it both indoors and outdoors to maximize the reach of your brand.

3. Use Social Media as a Part of Your Digital Signage Advertising

A vast majority of people refer to social media before making major decisions. What this means is that you can use digital signage alongside social media. If you don't link these together, you will miss a huge chunk of potential customers.

Link your digital signage advertising to your social media channels. This will make people trust you more and breathe life to your website's web traffic. It can even increase your customer base.

Remember, customers that recommend you via social media carry a lot of weight. This builds brand loyalty and establishes rapport with a wider audience base. You need to embrace social media and show that have the commitment to engage your audience.

4. Look Beyond the Signage's Advertising Potential

Digital signage has more uses than serving as a way to advertise your business. There is a growing trend among businesses that use these as self-serving kiosks. It applies to a wide variety of industries such as:

  • Banking
  • Hotels & Hospitality
  • Restaurants
  • Retail

There are a lot of other businesses that found a significant level of success using digital signage. After all, they found a good use for the units to deliver a faster customer service experience. Some businesses use digital signage for customers to shop at their own pace.

With these, your visitors can take their time and choose the products they want from your inventory. They won't need to wait in line because they'll use a digital screen for the transaction. In some cases, you can even let them pay for the items using electronic payment options.

If you chop off the waiting times and eliminate the need to stand in line, your customers will love you more. This gives them the convenience and comfort they deserve. You improve your customer experience without the need to strain your staff all the time.

5. Keep up with Your Audience

The reason digital signage grows as a market is due to its achievable levels of success. Once you get a taste of the benefits, you need to maintain it. The best way to do this is to keep in touch with your customers by checking the latest trends.

If you don't, you'll become desynchronized with your audience. That will cause your brand to lose popularity and appeal. As soon as you implement your digital signage plan, it must be consistent in its customer-centric approach.

Don't lose sight of what your customers want out of your business. Don't overcomplicate your efforts and bring strain to your business. Avoid flamboyant, hard to manage digital signage systems, and keep it simple and concise.

Presenting content that doesn't concern your audience will make your efforts fail. Always keep your customers in mind when you're asking whether you need digital signage. Build your efforts around the audience you want and that will help you succeed more.

Get Your Digital Signage Displays Today!

If you want to know when to change the content on your digital signage displays, you need to follow these guidelines. This way, they will stay relevant regardless of the time of day. Most of all, it ensures that your customers won't get bored by the same old advertisements.

You have the technology and solutions at your disposal. It's important to know what you need for your business situation so that you won't have to struggle overloading yourself with technology you don't even need.

Once you follow all these tips, you'll see a faster return on investment. But if you need to start your own digital signage project, contact us today. We can help you with our solutions.

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