February 9, 2023

Improve your sports bar sales and KPIs with Digital Signage

Sports bars have used TVs for decades to attract and entertain customers. With the birth of flat screens, bar and restaurant owners realized these screens could also replace traditional static signage for various purposes, such as digital menu boards or to promote the latest special.

It’s exciting how much potential lies in digital signage in sports bars as digital screens and Smart TVs have become more affordable, lightweight, thin, and even built with a better resolution like 4K or even 8K. This means that even when used to a minimal extent, sports fans will pay great attention to the content on screen as it instantly catches their attention.

Of course, the majority of the content on these displays needs to be focused on sports to have this effect but this doesn’t mean other content is off limits, you just need to balance the two and maintain the best experience for the clients. You can certainly improve your main KPIs like average order tickets, perceived waiting times, and overall revenue, using digital signage as many of our sports bar clients already have.

The main benefit sports bar owners find in using digital signage is its ability to show dynamic content while being able to monitor and update that content across multiple screens and locations, all from the cloud. Digital signage solves problems but also creates opportunities that shouldn't be wasted.

Here are some ideas you can apply today to achieve better results fast:

Entertain to alleviate perceived wait times:

Our sports bar clients have achieved shorter perceived wait times by 21% by displaying eye-catching and entertaining content and relevant information while clients are waiting for food and/or drinks. With OptiSigns you can create custom playlists by combining any content from images and videos to apps and display sports-related content, news programming, music videos, special offers, and much more.

Showcase more profitable menu items:

Promoting limited-time offers and especially the high-profit-margin items like our clients can get you up to 43% more add-on items ordered and 14% higher per ticket average. OptiSigns lets you create and schedule your content for different times of day, for certain weeks, or for special events, to make sure your promotions and specials will be on display at the times you need them to be.

Monetize your screens:

Displaying digital menu boards on your sports bar digital signage make it easier for your clients to order their food while watching the big games on your TVs and showcase your specials for the week and what beers you have on tap. Our sports bar clients have generated an additional 23% revenue increase by using this strategy and OptiSigns. Having digital menus also makes updating your menus easier and saves the cost of printing out new menus every time you make a change.

You can also generate more revenue by displaying Live TV with Ads. OptiSigns allows you to pop in the ads of your choice on top of on going live TV, so you can display your promotion of the hour or relevant ads on top of a game or live show to entertain and increase sales at the same time.

There are more reasons sports bars are using digital signage today:

  • To inform customers about certain products, pricing, and how to order
  • To capture the attention of people as they are walking or driving by with window/street-facing signage
  • To build a social media wall and generate reviews
  • To create an immersive environment
  • To communicate and display live sports tournaments and special events


Digital signage has the capacity to sell and entertain the audience while holding their attention for long hours by providing them with a lively experience. With creative content ideas like game updates, showing off what games you’re displaying during the week, using social media walls, and displaying digital menu boards, you can entertain your guests while simultaneously promoting your business.

It is important to engage the customers and enhance their experience at your sports bar and influence them to visit again and again while spreading recommendations.


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