December 18, 2023

That’s a wrap! Or is it? We Have A Special Christmas Surprise Just for You!

It's been quite the year, hasn't it? As we find ourselves in the final chapter of 2023, I'm here with some sweet news to share. We're introducing two new features that we're really proud of. These updates are crafted with care to help you boost audience engagement and communicate with your customers more effectively. It's a small step towards making your experience smoother and more impactful.

OptiSigns Feeds

OptiSigns Feeds is our shortcut to stress-free content management. Simplify your life by effortlessly enhancing your workplace ambiance with our prebuilt, engaging content. Reinforce safety reminders for your team, alleviate stress levels, and minimize perceived wait times in your lobby and waiting areas.

With the Feeds feature, the possibilities are endless. Showcase employee motivation, kid-friendly content, trivia, word of the day, riddles, Relax-Reels, inspirational quotes, and much more. It's your all-in-one solution for keeping your screens lively and your workplace buzzing with positivity. OptiSigns Feeds – making content management a breeze.

And here's the best part – it's completely free with all plans! It's our token of appreciation for your continued trust in OptiSigns. Your support is the backbone of our platform, and we're grateful for the opportunity to assist you in making your workplace dynamic and engaging. Thank you for being an integral part of the OptiSigns community!

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OptiSigns Engage

Leverage the full potential of your screens – they're more than just information pushers. Transform them into valuable tools that foster connections with customers, employees, and visitors. While traditional screen communication has been a one-way affair, our commitment is to reshape this perspective.

Let’s seize the opportunity to overcome the limitations of one-way communication. Empower your business by establishing profound and interactive connections that make the most of every pixel on your screen. Don't let a single inch go to waste – maximize the impact of your display! What’s in OptiSigns Engage package?

What’s in OptiSigns Engage package?

  • Interactive Kiosk: Craft your interactive kiosk experience effortlessly using a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.
  • Content Library Kiosk: Transform your product catalog and video document library into an interactive kiosk within minutes.
  • Lift & Learn: Design your personalized lift-and-learn experience, adding a new dimension to user engagement.
  • QR Scan-to-Interact: Convert static screens into interactive experiences without the need for additional sensors or hardware.
  • AI Camera: Tailor experiences based on your viewers, gather valuable data, and gain insights into your audience.
  • Check-in & SMS Follow-up: Boost your Google Reviews by up to 32% or more by implementing efficient check-in and SMS follow-up processes for your business.

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