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August 11, 2022

Use Google Drive to manage your Digital Signs in collaboration with your team

Google Drive is a staple in the workplace to easily share files and documents with your team across all of your devices. Drive lets your organization create, edit and collaborate in spreadsheets, presentations, and drawings across Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides - in real-time, from anywhere. But did you know Google Drive is a great tool to manage your digital signs in collaboration with your team without a hassle?

With OptiSigns' seamless integration with Google Drive, it's easier than ever to manage your digital signage. Now you can improve your workflow, save time, and increase the effectiveness of your digital displays. With digital signage apps for Google Drive, Calendar, Sheets, Docs, and more, you can make your digital signage Google-friendly and get the most out of both platforms.

Integrating Google Drive with OptiSigns helps you manage your workflow better by giving your teams access to the same information and syncing your files to let your coworkers or employees know when documents are updated.

The Google Drive integration with OptiSigns keeps all your files organized and up to date without the hassle of having to switch between apps. Drive also provides encrypted and secure access to files and ensures that all shared information is proactively scanned and removed in case of malware, spam, ransomware, or phishing. Because Google Drive is intuitive and simple to use, your teams can put more focus on creating value instead of mundane tasks.

Digital Signage using Google Drive and OptiSigns:

When it comes to digital signage, Google Drive is a perfect companion for storing your content and keeping it organized. If your workplace is already using Google Workspace, you can quickly add images and videos to your Google Drive and have them automatically appear on your selected signs.

Once you create and assign a folder, you can update content anywhere and at any time by simply adding or removing files from your Google Drive folder. To make things look even better, you also can set up transition effects, adjust playback duration, and more. Thanks to OptiSign's native integration with Google Drive, you can also rest assured that your data is safe and secure.

Follow our guides for step-by-step instructions from our support page on how to set this up:

Google Drive App

Google Docs

Google Sheets


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