March 20, 2019

What Are the Benefits of Using Instagram on Digital Signs?

Instagram is the platform dominating social media in 2019. Engagement rates are higher than Twitter and Facebook. As of 2018, there were 1 billion monthly active Instagram users.

We live in an Instagram world of images and video that tell stories. Marketing has not missed a beat. Companies are engaging customers through Instagram to share their brand stories.

Now, let’s talk about digital signs. Digital signs aren’t just standalone screens. True, they are dynamic signs powered by a display screen. But they can also be connected to a network.

That network can include feeds from websites. It can also be a network of dozens (or hundreds) of screens that work together.

What’s the Instagram connection? Pardon the pun, but why not link your Instagram account to your digital signage?

The benefit of digital signs is that you can deliver timely content, like Instagram. Both are image and video-centric. You can leverage your content across both platforms.

Let’s find out how to harness the influential power of Instagram.

(Almost) Immeasurable Value of Digital Signs

Like traditional signage, digital sign boards convey a range of messages. Digital sign displays advertise sales promotions inside a store. Or display the restaurant menus. You can program changes to content with ease from a computer.

So, your breakfast menu will update to the lunch menu at the designated time. If you run a retail clothing store, you can switch to ads for rain gear during inclement weather. Switch to ads for sunglasses once the sun pops back out.

Fresh Content Daily

Digital signs for business can display simple or complex messages that are data-driven. Meaning you can customize your messages to your audience based on data.

And, you can tailor the message as new data arrives. The right message presented to the right customer at the right time.

Traditional print ads take weeks to produce. You can create fresh digital ads daily, even hourly if needed. Because digital signage is connected to the internet, you can also load live freed to your digital displays. More on that in just a bit.

Interactive Digital Signage

Customers can interact with your business through data-driven marketing. Say you run a promotion where the customer can sign up to receive email newsletters and a discount.

A well-placed digital sign at the checkout counter enables them to do that while waiting in line. They can use their discount immediately.

Display Technology

In the beginning, digital signs for businesses required expensive and complicated display equipment. Today, you can use software to convert any high-definition TV or projectors into a digital sign.

In fact, the only complicated part is deciding what media to include in your digital signage.

Digital Signage at the Point-of-Purchase

Customers make more than half of all buying decisions at the point of purchase. Over 30 percent of customers note that digital displays at the point of sale were influential when purchasing a product.

Digital sign displays reach more than 70 percent of Americans every year. The recall rate is an impressive 52 percent. That’s higher than television and radio.

Eight out of ten customers enter a store in the first place because a sign caught their attention. That added foot traffic alone creates new customers.

Now think about checkout lines. As customers wait at the checkout, digital monitors provide added marketing messages. They also hold the customer’s attention.

It lowers their perceived wait time, thus raising the quality of their in-store experience. They are more likely to visit again. Take advantage of those stats and get your advertising messages to your customers in-store.

Instagram: Social Media Royalty

Instagram is everywhere. The platform has a higher interaction rate than any other social media platform.

You may think of celebrities and short videos of kittens being cute. But companies maintain a deliberate public presence on Instagram. In fact, over 60 percent of customers learn about new product offerings on Instagram.

If you are one of those companies (if you’re not, then get on it, fast), you already spend a good deal of your marketing budget on Instagram campaigns. Why not display your Instagram photos on your digital signage?

Whether you display signage at live events, in the office, or in your retail store, repurposing your Instagram media makes smart sense. In fact, why not integrate your Instagram feed?

Connecting your Instagram account to your digital signage guarantees that your content updates on a regular basis. Next are some ways integrate Instagram with your digital signage.

Feature a Hashtag Wall

As easy as it is entertaining, the hashtag wall engages viewers and social media followers alike. Choose a branded hashtag. A branded hashtag will have your company name in it. You’ll use it to promote your brand.

It should be exclusive to your company. It should also be catchy and simple enough for people to remember. Branded hashtags let customers locate your brand on Instagram, which increases recognition.

Every time an Instagram user uses that hashtag, the photo shows up on your hashtag wall.

A live hashtag feed also establishes social proof of your company as being follow-worthy. By having the live feed in your store, people see what others are doing. If they see enough people engaged and using the hashtag, they will follow suit.

It’s proof that the content is worth following and sharing. Customers can post their own photos featuring your product and include the hashtag. Engage customers, gain free exposure, and show off your products all at once.

Live Stream Your Instagram Account

Streaming your Instagram account live at your place of business means you can automatically display sales promotions in-store. Graphics and video populate social media, informing followers of flash sales and other promotions. Streaming it give your in-store customers an opportunity to engage as well.

Ubiquitous Content

Consumers no longer respond to traditional in-store signage about sales. Digital advertising displays, on the other hand, are bold and dynamic. Next, add the most recognizable social platform on the planet to that signage.

What better way to trigger purchases than to have a vibrant, engaging digital display placed near the point of sale in your store?

Keep Your Instagram Account Updated

Of course, your live feed goes stale fast if you don’t devote time to updating your Instagram feed. The trick is to post in a consistent manner and ensure that the posts are meaningful.

Having your feed live stream helps keep you accountable to a degree. If daily posts are overload for your audience, decide on a less frequent, but consistent schedule. Though, keep in mind that daily posts will better drive the live feed.

Get in the habit of snapping photos of relevant content. That way, you always have something on your phone ready to post. Get a new shipment – snap a picture.

Take photos of happy customers and employees serving them. Humorous pictures of staff add a personal touch, as do shots of your headquarters or product displays.

Don’t forget about video and slideshows. Even amateur video on a smartphone is often clear enough to make an impression. Customers will share videos relating to their customer experience.

You can post a relevant video as well. Repurpose your advertising pieces. Post video snippets from sales events, and so on.

Showcase the Latest Products

Photo document your latest work or product line. Professional product photos most definitely find a home on Instagram. You put your business’s best offerings in your stores and catalogs.

Be sure they land on Instagram, and of course, your digital signage feed.

Post Customer Feedback

To build relationships with customers, share customer feedback with Instagram. Sharing testimonials show your followers that you care about how people feel about your products or services.

If your followers are leaving comments on your post, be sure to respond to build that relationship. Your response adds a personal touch that connects with followers and invites new customers.

Create a Call-to-Action

Some customers won’t recognize that your digital sign is displaying Instagram content. They may miss the opportunity you are giving them to engage with your company. A call-to-action (CTA) is the answer here.

Any CTA should be concise, clear, and actionable. What do you want people to do when they see your digital sign? Place a CTA that instructs them on how to take part. Prompt your customers to share photos.

Provide the branded hashtag that creates the following. We all know what the kissing cam is at sports arenas. It’s only practical to add a prompt to your digital signage display that says “Appear on this screen!”

Instagram Feeds at Events

Conventions and trade shows are, by nature, rich with advertising. Competition is fierce, and there's no better competitive edge than digital signage.

At industry events, immediacy is at the forefront. People don’t want to miss a thing.

An Instagram feed on a digital display keeps participants engaged in the event and centered on your booth. Use the main event’s Instagram hashtag to populate your feed.

Imagine the fun when attendees see their latest Instagram post on one of your digital displays. From there, you can encourage attendees to use a new hashtag that merges your business name with the name of the event.

Instagram at the Office

Digital signs are effective tools for internal communications as well as advertising. Social media rolls right into that toolset. Your first impression may be that social media is not acceptable at the office.


Though, Instagram has become a preferred platform for companies to showcase the personal aspects of their organization. You can show more personal elements of your business like the office spaces and employees.

Further, you can post images of pets, friends, and family. Behind-the-scenes posts about team events and other activities that highlight company culture are also popular.

Customers love to see these glimpses into the human side of their favorite brands.

Sending the stream to digital displays in your workspaces keeps your employees connected as well. And, employees feel a deeper connection to their company.

They become more engaged themselves, thus improving productivity along with culture. They may choose to share photos of themselves and their office space.

Other employee posts may include company outings, giving your audience a wider perspective.

Finally, you can recognize employees on Instagram. If anything appears in the press, it should also appear on the company Instagram account. But don’t limit yourself to official awards.

Give employees a shout-out when you see an opportunity for recognition. Employees feel valued, which correlates with engagement.

Instagram to Inform Your Employees

Digital signage in the workplace is an anchor for communication. Use it to update your teams on the latest internal events. Though, broadcasting the official company Instagram feed adds another layer of communication.

You may encourage your people to follow the company on Instagram. Though, they may choose to do other things in their downtime. Having a live stream gives them the opportunity to catch announcements and company news.

Having the stream on digital displays maintains a steady presence. It makes communication almost effortless. Emails and status meeting remain a necessity. Though, seeing information on a striking digital display makes a stronger impression.

Start Leveraging Instagram and Digital Signage

Digital signage is a simple way to create sophisticated signage in-store or in the office. Affordable and customizable, digital signs engage your customers and employees.

Adding a dynamic social media platform like Instagram adds a depth of interaction. It increases foot traffic, whether in-store or at an industry trade show.

The more engagement, the larger the following. Increasing followers means increased sales. If you want to maximize the impact of your digital advertising displays, contact us. Let’s see what we can do for you.

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